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Nucleus Biologics™

Who is Nucleus Biologics™?

Nucleus Biologics™ is a San Diego based leader in precision cell culture. Every cell culture solution we sell is designed to improve research reproducibility and accelerate therapeutic discoveries.

You’re a new company, can I trust your products?

Nucleus Biologics was founded in 2016. Although our company is new our management team has over 100 years’ experience in the life sciences space and our lead investor is one of the top 5 largest biotech funds. That expertise and stability along with our existing customer base of leading academics, CMOs and pharma companies, and our cGMP product quality are establishing a new standard. We have also built redundancy into our supply chain to reduce the risk for our customers. Having highly characterized, traceable cell culture solutions with performance data enables you to trust what you are buying.


Do you only carry cell culture solutions?

Nucleus Biologics is 100% committed to precision cell culture. This means that unlike some of our large competitors, all of our efforts are devoted to improving the cell culture experience, with no distractions from unrelated products. Our team is composed of cell culture specialists to help you succeed with your work.

Which solutions do you recommend to those in the cell therapy space?

We recommend the innovative cell culture solution, PhysiologixTM XF, for our customers working on cell therapy. PhysiologixTM XF serum replacement is xeno-free, cGMP, and has an FDA drug master file (DMF) in progress. This solution is highly consistent, produces superior performance characteristics in stem cells and T cells, and meets your regulatory needs.

Are your solutions cGMP?

Yes! Everything we sell at Nucleus Biologics was manufactured under cGMP.

Sample Request

How do I place an order or get a sample?

To place an order, please contact our sales team at or call our sales line at 858-251-2006. For samples, please reach out via email or phone and we would be more than happy to understand your requirements and send you a relevant cell culture solution sample.

How do your free trials work?

We want you to feel confident in the cell culture solution you are buying! To accomplish this, we offer a no-risk free trial for customers in the USA. Please contact us at to discuss your cell culture needs and schedule a trial.


What is your shipping policy?

Our cell culture solutions are shipped overnight by air on dry ice. We ship Monday through Wednesday to ensure that your cell culture solutions are received during business hours.

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