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The World’s First Pod-Based Cell Culture Media Maker

Fresh, convenient custom media production at point of use.
Fully sterile process and final product.
Recyclable pods significantly reduce single-use plastic.
Complete media solution – formulate, customize, and manufacture.
Intuitive user interface with automated run cycles.

Reduce Environmental Footprint

Using Krakatoa and its biodegradable pods eliminates single-use PET bottles that are incinerated in biohazardous waste and fill landfills. Pod size and weight reduces carbon emissions during shipping and virtually eliminates the need for controlled temperature shipping.

Increased Media Potency

Many components begin to degrade immediately following solubilization as a result of light exposure, pH of the solution, or storage temperature. Point of use solubilization circumvents these issues and provides users cell culture media at peak potency and quality.

Scalable From Bench to Bioreactor

Test and iterate your formulations early in process development in quantities that reduce waste and cost. When the time is right, you can scale the production of your formulations to match the demands of your commercialization efforts through our synergistic platform – NB-Lux. From 500 mL research-grade pods to 2,000 L cGMP batches in drums, bottles, or bags, our solutions grow with your project.

Lower Delivered Cost

Krakatoa media pods lower shipping weight and eliminate the need for refrigerated shipping, reducing shipping costs domestically and internationally. Receive fully custom media in smaller quantities for testing and iteration, decreasing the upfront costs during testing phases of your process development.

Sustainable Solutions for Cell Culture Media: Krakatoa™ Environmental Impact and Life Cycle Analysis

How It Works

Krakatoa presents a simple solution to easily deliver fresh point of use cell culture media right in your laboratory. Krakatoa’s automated intuitive features include a simplified user interface for seamless media production, UV sterilization built into the process to ensure sterilization, and self-cleaning to ensure a worry-free experience. Krakatoa seamlessly integrates with our portfolio of innovative, technology-driven products to help expedite your research.


Create custom formulations in minutes using NB-AIR™. Easily configure and order traditional or custom media via NB-Lux™.


Store your media pods at room temperature. When needed, insert pod into Krakatoa and fresh media is dispensed in a 500 mL glass bottle within 30 minutes.


Return your used biodegradable pods using our prelabeled bag for recycling.

Cure People + Planet™

We are committed to developing solutions that support the development and commercialization of therapies to cure people AND the planet. Utilizing cell culture media made from Krakatoa reduces greenhouse emissions and significantly reduces the use of single-use plastics in cell culture.


Reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions per 500 mL of media produced


Reduction in transportation greenhouse gas emissions per 500 mL of media produced


Reduction in end-of-life greenhouse gas emissions per 500 mL of media produced

From Design to Delivery

A holistic, one-stop-shop for all your cell culture needs. Discover your optimal media with NB-AIR, our award-winning cloud-based automated formulation tool. Customize and order traditional or custom media, track production, view past orders, manage your formulations, and view manufacturing records with NB-Lux, our custom media configurator. Deliver your media in liquid form or in one of our biodegradable pods for Krakatoa, with volumes ranging from 500 mL to 2,000 L. We are committed to meeting your unique needs from early-stage development to commercialization.



Create custom formulations in a matter of minutes.


Customize and Order.

Configure your custom cell culture media and get a quote and lead time instantly.



Point-of-use production of custom or classical media at the touch of a button from your own lab bench.

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