Premium Cell Culture Media and Innovative Tools to Accelerate Your Research

Cell culture is the cornerstone of biotech and pharmaceutical research. Because media is inexorably tied to the performance of a final product, choosing proven and consistent cell culture products that are customized to the specific growth conditions of your cells can result in reliable, optimal cell performance and reproducible data. This in turn can ultimately expedite development time and decrease costs and waste, especially as you scale. At Nucleus Biologics, we deliver premium quality classical and custom cell culture media products to accelerate the research and development of groundbreaking scientific discoveries.

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Traditional Cell Culture Products

Classical and specialty media, buffers, and balanced salt solutions are essential tools to support the growth of a variety of cells. Though many companies offer a plethora of off-the-shelf products with varying components, often the exact combination of components in the concentrations needed for your classical media is still not available. Nucleus Biologics’ unique approach allows users to customize RPMI, DMEM, MEM (400 publicly available formulations to choose from) to your exact specifications. Simply select your desired basal media, buffer, or balanced salt solution within our free cloud-based media configurator – NB-Lux™, adjust components and concentrations to meet your requirements, and get a quote and lead time instantly. All media is manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities, and as an ISO13485:2016 certified organization, all our products meet the highest standards for quality, product performance, and reliability.

Customize from Component to Packaging

Depending on the study criteria, finding the right formulation of a cell culture media can make or break an experiment. Similarly, having appropriate validation, testing, and packaging to fit your process or experimental needs can greatly expedite your development. With expertise in customization and manufacturing of cell culture media products, we can help modify any formula – a commercial media or your own formulation – to the unique attributes of your ecosystem.

Our media customization services allow you configure every aspect of a cell culture media:

  • Components and concentrations
  • Manufacturing – cGMP or research grade
  • Fill volume
  • Lot size – 2L to 2,000L
  • Testing
  • Packaging – bags, bottles, drums
  • Grade selection

Easily configure and order any cell culture media product through NB-Lux – our free, first-of-its-kind cloud-based media configurator – or contact our Customer Support Specialists for a more guided approach.

Comprehensive Media Formulation Services

Our highly qualified team of scientists have decades of cell culture experience and can collaborate with you to develop and optimize your formula and process from start to finish. With one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry, we will deliver a formula that will meet your critical quality attributes (CQA) and function per your defined criteria.

Alternatively, our award-winning AI platform for media formulation, NB-AIR™, gives scientist the opportunity to develop a formulation on their own. NB-AIR utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to canvas thousands of peer-reviewed articles and provides formulation suggestions that address your CQAs to improve your experiments.

Whether it’s a small-scale feasibility/pilot study or a full commercial production, high quality and consistent cell culture media is critical to the performance of an end product. Optimizing your media limits variability and can improve scalability. Our media formulation services have you in mind – let’s collaborate to design YOUR media to achieve your goals, quickly.

Design Your Media in Minutes

Formulating custom media has traditionally been challenging and very time consuming due to the amount of data available to inform one’s design, produce desired effects, and improve cell performance.

NB-AIR simplifies the process. Leveraging a novel neural network, users can accentuate desired cellular critical quality attributes and receive multiple formulation recommendations from meta-analysis. As a result, users can create or refine a formulation based on peer-reviewed articles and community research in minutes! Ownership of the designed formulation remains with the user and formulas can be exported to NB-Lux when done for customization and ordering in small or large scale.

The Nucleus Biologics Advantage

Optimize Your Media

  • Know and adjust each ingredient and its concentration
  • Ensure consistent function across lots
  • Expect better cell performance
  • Own your IP

Built to Scale

  • Iterate media formulation, ensuring optimization
  • Develop smaller batches for pilot studies or autologous therapies
  • Easily translate formula to higher volumes as you scale to manufacturing

Ensure Quality

  • ISO 13485:2016 certified
  • Integrated quality system with full traceability through the batch record
  • cGMP and xeno-free media, when needed
  • Formulation ownership can expedite and streamline the regulatory process

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