Concierge™ Media Manufacturing Services

Exceptional research deserves exceptional cell media. Nucleus Biologics™ wants to put control of media production back in the hands of scientist by providing cGMP custom, basal and complete media formulation, optimization, customization & manufacturing iCulture™ Services. We want to speed the progression of your science by revealing all the ingredients in your media. Together, we can feed scientific breakthrough.


Every product comes with an ingredient list!

Collaborative and cost effective supply chain management
Second source options available


Packaging – custom designed bags, bottles

Research and cGMP grade, available with USP/EP test options

Scalable lot size from 2L to 2000L


Media will be optimized for your cell type

Every component supports your critical quality attributes

Multiple protein choices – human, recombinant etc.


  • Capacity: up to 2000 L lot size
  • Liquid and powder components
  • Express and full cGMP capability available
  • Custom lot size and testing
  • Custom testing in cell line of choice (e.g. T cells, stem cells)
  • Formulation services
  • Process development and optimization services
Media services

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