Australia FBS

For exacting scientists in academic and research institutes, and those in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, bioprocessing and contracting manufacturing industries, who demand the confidence of cGMP, stringent characterization, full traceability and industry leading performance.

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About Our Product


Our Australia Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) (REF# FBS1824-001) is a single-origin and single-source cell culture serum only available through our long-term supply agreement with Australian Agricultural Company (AACo). Our Australia FBS product is manufactured in a cGMP facility under a controlled and transparent process yielding a low-viral load, low hemoglobin, low endotoxin serum that is available for long-term pricing and has a six-year shelf life.

How Does Nucleus Biologics FBS Compare?

Australia FBS 500ml (Dec 2016) 500ml (Jan 2017) Hemoglobin Endotoxin # of Tests
Gibco $703 $886 < 30mg/dl < 10EU/ml 56
Hyclone $922 $1000 (Not published) (Not published) 31
Sigma Aldrich $1025 $1025 < 25mg/dl < 10EU/ml -
Corning $736 $900 < 20mg/dl (Report result) 9
Nucleus Biologics $799 $799 < 15mg/dl < 4EU/ml 59
Nucleus Club members gain first access to new products, free storage, free shipping, and a fixed-price guarantee for up to two years. For information on the Nucleus Club email us at or call (858) 251-2010.

Treatments Available:

  • Gamma Irradiated
  • Heat Inactivated

To inquire about our additional treatment options, please use our Request Sample or Custom Pricing forms.

What Is Your FBS Costing You?

Did you know that most FBS has hidden costs in addition to the price you pay per bottle? Nucleus Biologics produces a superior product that reduces these unaccounted for expenses.

Lot Retesting

Retesting becomes a hidden cost that requires extra lab tech time and consumables, cutting into your budget. Nucleus Biologics produces a well characterized & consistent product that reduces the need to retest.

Extra Lab Tech Time $300
New Consumables $45
Lot Retesting Cost $345

Failed Experiments

Poor characterization and sourcing from multiple locations introduces outside variables that may increase the likelihood of experiment failure. Nucleus Biologics mitigates that risk by providing a controlled process and a single origin product.

New Cells $400
Lost Research Time $12,800
Failed Experiment Cost $13,200

FBS Price Renegotiation

Many manufacturers sign short-term agreements with their suppliers allowing for increased volatility in supply and price. Our long-term supply agreements ensure price stability over time, eliminating the costs associated with renegotiating FBS prices.

Renegotiation Labor $350
Renegotation Cost $350

Missed Opportunity

In addition to the above hidden costs, the financial impact of missing grant dates, IND filings, paper submissions, or milestones for funding rounds can be tens of thousands to millions of dollars.

Australia Source

Australia FBS is known throughout the world as having very low viral risk, especially useful for sensitive cells and cell cultures that require consistency and assurance of purity. This means more time to focus on science and less on repeating failed experiments or testing new lots for consistency. With herds that have never been exposed to BSE or FMD, we believe we have the best Australia sourced FBS on the market.