Companies with breakthrough CAR T products need to focus not just on the science but also on how to successfully bring their therapies to market. Because cell and gene therapies are unlike conventional treatments, everything from sales & marketing to manufacturing is undefined territory. Our compilation of articles and reports focuses on commercialization and late stage production considerations for those in the CAR T cell space.

MedCity News | Looking Ahead: Commercialization strategies for gene and cell therapy companies

This article highlights the challenges that come with a highly specialized treatment, the costly manufacturing process of autologous products and the expensive treatment for patients that often will complete their therapies in the short-term without long-term data on success factors and risks.

What to expect

  • Manufacturing and supply chain strategies
  • Sales and marketing techniques for new cell therapies
  • Pricing models to consider for short-term therapies

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KNECT365 | State of the Industry Report

This report focuses on gaining insight from cell therapy professionals about the state of the industry and what challenges will be faced when more companies move towards commercializing their therapies. It examines the CAR T cell popularity with the rise of Kymriah and Yescarta, the question of which cell therapy products have a bigger potential for commercialization (autologous vs allogeneic) and the issue facing the industry with outsourcing the manufacturing process.

What to expect

  • Breakdown of therapy focus areas and phases of current therapies in clinical trials
  • Product breakdown for biggest commercial success both in North America and in Europe
  • The importance of analytical testing and monitoring in developing cell therapies
  • Metrics on the industry’s manufacturing processes and logistics strategy
  • Regulations breakdown
  • Process automation and closed systems
  • What to expect for the future

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Cell & Gene | 4 Emerging Commercialization Strategies for Gene and Cell Therapies

In this article, you will learn some of the risks companies need to consider when creating sustainable commercialization of specialized gene and cell therapies. It focuses on 4 key factors that are essential for building a new commercialization process for cell therapy products.

What to expect

  • Pricing strategies
  • Patient targeting practices
  • Stakeholder collaboration to consider
  • New opportunities to grow in foreign markets

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