Our mission is to speed the time from scientific discovery to cure by driving reproducibility through Precision Cell Culture products and tools. We deliver innovative, transparent, and cGMP products and services with the goal of disrupting the market and eliminating antiquated practices and products.

Cell culture media is of particular importance to the success of highly customized cellular systems such as cell therapies or cell-based agriculture as single component changes in cell culture media can dramatically affect, and with customization, improve viability, transfection efficacy, yield and potency of cellular therapies. Furthermore, consideration should be given to the adaptability of processes to downstream scale-up and scale-out for commercialization.

We have developed innovative systems to facilitate streamlined custom media formulation with NB-AIR™, and customization and fulfillment with NB-Lux™. Formulation can be performed in minutes using the proprietary AI-driven algorithms within NB-AIR™ to identify publications and components of interest for your specific cell line and critical quality attributes. Any formulations generated are the property of the user and can be ordered or at any time further customized through our online systems for delivery in quantities that facilitate both development and downstream development thus we provide services and products to support you from bench to bioreactor.

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