Kymriah vs. Yescarta

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Kymriah® and Yescarta® are currently the only two FDA-approved CAR-T cell therapy products available on the market in the United States. Do you have trouble distinguishing between them? We created a simple chart to showcase some of the similarities and differences between the two therapies:

Company Novartis Kite/Gilead
Generic Name CTL019
Axicabtagen ciloleucel
FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation Yes Yes
Date of Initial FDA Approval August 2017 October 2017
FDA Approved Indications Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL)
Non-Hodgkins lymphoma
Approx. Cost Per Treatment $475,000 USD $373,000 USD
Approx. Response Time 1 month 1 month
Side Effects Cytokine release syndrome
Cytokine release syndrome
Disease Free Survival/Remission Rate 62% for ALL
64% for DLBCL
Manufacturing Time 22 days 3-4 weeks
Gene Editing Vector Lentivirus Retrovirus
Promoter EF1a MSCV
ScFv (CD19) FMC63 FMC63
Signaling Domain 4-1BB zeta CD28 zeta
Hinge and TM CD8 alpha CD28
Cell Culture Frozen
CD3/28 beads
CAR-T Persistence At least 1-7 years < 6 weeks


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