Better media, better outcomes


In Part 1 of this two-part series, three leading academic and industry scientists will demonstrate the Path to Media Mastery using NB-AIR to create custom media formulations to test with their protocols. You will see firsthand how NB-AIR allows scientists to create custom cell culture media in a matter of minutes and how easy it is to order with NB-LuxTM, leading to fast turnaround for testing and iteration. Results will be broadcast live in one month so you can experience firsthand how NB-AIR can expedite your research goals.

The panelists will be:

  1. Saba Ghassemi, PhD, UPenn
  2. Lori Noffsinger, Cognate Bioservices
  3. Asma Ayari, PhD, Nucleus Biologics

Webinar Recording:

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Webinar Transcript:

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