Why Fetal Bovine Serum?

Nucleus Biologics was formed with the vision to improve the outcome of cell based experiments by addressing the elephant (or in this case the cow) in the room. Fetal bovine serum (FBS) is required for cell culture in the majority of cell lines, due to its level of proteins, growth factors and cytokines. Often, inconsistency in quality of FBS leads to failed experiments. Nucleus Biologics decided it was time to design a process starting at the core, that would provide a high-quality, consistent and well characterized FBS product to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Australian FBS

With Australian FBS having a reputation as the lowest viral risk product, the founders forged a partnership with the Australian Agricultural Company (AACo), the largest meat production company in Australia. AACo owns 16 million acres of grassland dedicated to raising grass-fed cattle. This became a prime opportunity for Nucleus Biologics to access an exclusive source of premium FBS and offer Farm-to-Flask™ traceability back to the animal.

Many sellers of FBS source raw materials under multiple short-term supply agreements from various locations, resulting in quality inconsistencies and fluctuations in availability and price, making FBS a volatile commodity. The founders, with decades of experience in life sciences, product development, manufacturing and academic research redesigned the traditional supply chain for FBS to allow for greater transparency, product consistency, and long-term price stability in the cell culture space.

Even down to the Nucleus Biologics logo the company is focused on the core of cell science. Designed with cell proliferation in mind, the logo depicts a dividing cell.

Nucleus Biologics logo white

Nucleus Biologics just announced its first release of premium FBS product and will be announcing future products in the coming months. Nucleus Biologics is dedicated to providing the highest quality cell culture solutions to feed scientific breakthroughs and enable lifesaving science.