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Playlist: Physiologix XF Serum Replacement for T Cell Culture

Playlist of webinars on using Physiologix xeno free serum replacement for T cell culture including maintaining clinically beneficial phenotype.

Strategies for Enhanced CAR-T Development, Part II

In the second half of this two-part webinar, find out how to optimize your CAR-T production methods by maximizing transduction efficiency.

Strategies for Enhanced CAR-T Cell Development, Part I

Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)-T cell therapy is a promising development in cancer immunotherapy, but method optimization is necessary to produce the cells at scale. In this two-part webinar, Nucleus Biologics introduces a new resource for improving the CAR-T expansion process.

Increase T Cell Proliferation

Summary In this segment, we talk about how CD4+ T cells grown in Physiologix™ XF and RPMI 1640 performs versus an industry leading off-the-shelf serum-free media. The cells grown in the Physiologix XF show higher viable cell counts compared to SFM. Watch the video for full details. Nucleus Biologics Cell Culture Product Lines At Nucleus […]

T Cell Surface Marker Expression

In this segment, we talk about surface marker expression of CD4+ T cells activated with anti-hCD3 / CD28 / CD2 for 7 days. Cells grown in Physiologix showed higher capability for activation and exhibited greater ability for exhaustion which is indicative of a more physiologically relevant response to constant 7 day stress compared to the […]

Functional Consistency in MSC Serum Replacement

In this segment, we show data of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells being grown in five different lots of Physiologix. As you can see from the data we confirmed that Physiologix has great functional consistency across multiple lots. Lack of consistency often wastes valuable time and resources. Using Physiologix XF Serum Replacement could equate […]