Increase T Cell Proliferation


In this segment, we talk about how CD4+ T cells grown in Physiologix™ XF and RPMI 1640 performs versus an industry leading off-the-shelf serum-free media. The cells grown in the Physiologix XF show higher viable cell counts compared to SFM. Watch the video for full details.

Nucleus Biologics Cell Culture Product Lines

At Nucleus Biologics, we are known for our premium Australia source fetal bovine serum that is used by some of the world’s top bioproducers. Today we are going to talk about T cell proliferation using the newest addition to our line of media supplements called Physiologix xenofree human growth factor concentrate.

PhysiologixTM XF SR: An FBS & Human Serum Replacement

Designed with the cell therapy market in mind, Physiologix is a fully xenofree media supplement that is extracted from transfusion grade donor material through a proprietary manufacturing process. This process yields a growth factor concentrate that is comprised of the right growth factors for your cells in the most physiologically relevant ratio.

This supplement is meant to be used with the basal media of your choice, such as RPMI 1640 for T cells or DMEM/F12 for stem cells. It can be thought of as an FBS or human serum replacement but can be used at the very low concentration of 2%. This product is completely free of animal components and animal-sourced additives. It has been processed under cGMP conditions and is thoroughly screened as transfusion grade raw material. It allows for superior proliferation in both T cells and stem cells while maintaining phenotypic fidelity. As many are aware, consistency is a known issue with many biological media supplements but Our proprietary manufacturing processes, which have been under development for almost four years, contain controls that have led to proven functional reproducibility across lots.

The 4 Questions to Ask When Designing Cell Culture Media

When designing our cell culture media supplements, we try to answer four main questions.

  1. How does the product perform in terms of viability and proliferation?
  2. How consistent is the product lot to lot?
  3. How much does it cost?
  4. Does it increase my regulatory risk?

Nucleus biologics designed PhysiologixTM XF hGFC with the cell therapy market in mind and how it will address your cell culture challenges. We will be outlining how Physiologix preforms, especially for scientists working with T cells.

Leading Off the Shelf Serum Free Media vs. Physiologix

The data of CD4+ T cells being grown in an industry leading off the shelf serum-free media formulation alongside with Physiologix in RPMI 1640 is shown below.

Performance of Cell Growth Using Physiologix vs competitor
When grown in Physiologix, CD4+ T cells exhibit superior proliferation to the industry leading serum free T cell media.
Experiment Details

T cells were harvested from donor blood drawn the same day using a standard ficoll gradient and isolated by using a standard CD4+ T cell isolation kit. The cells are gated on viability and labeled with CFSE for proliferation. As the graph shows, over seven days, the cells grown in the Physiologix supplemented media show higher viable cell counts compared to SFM. This is very important for those in CAR-T cell manufacturing where cell proliferation and final cell count is critical.

Learn More About Physiologix or Try A Sample

If you are interested in learning more about the consistency, cost and reduced regulatory risk associated with Physiologix, please stay tuned for future presentations.

Interested in sampling Physiologix? Please email or call 858-251-2014 and as always, for more information please visit our Resources page.

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