Cell Culture Media

Cell culture media is a cornerstone of cell-based research and can significantly impact performance. We deliver premium quality media products and solutions to acclerate your scientific discoveries.


Reinventing Cell Culture Media

Fully Customizable

Easily customize any aspect of classical or custom media from components and concentrations to testing, grade, and packaging.

GMP Manufacturing

Media is manufactured under GMP conditions and governed by strict adherence to an ISO 13485:2016-certified quality system.

Media Ownership

Know every component and concentration of classical or customized media and adjust any aspect to match your stage of development. You own the IP!

Simplified Ordering

Easily request a quote or place and track your order through NB-Lux. Customizing and ordering through NB-Lux gives you full transparency of components and concentrations, and expedites the ordering process.

Built to Scale
Streamline the transition from bench to bioreactor with customizable packaging, testing, and volumes from 500 mL to 2,000 liters.
Sustainable Options

Transition to powder media in recyclable pods. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 65% when solubilizing media at point-of-use with Krakatoa.

Cell Culture Media Solutions to Fit Every Project

Custom Media to Optimize Your Project

Many cell types require highly-specialized formulations in order to achieve optimal performance. Build a media from scratch that meets your specific requirements, regardless of the complexity.

Classical Media Delivered per Your Requirements

Our classical media is made exactly following your specifications. Don't search catalogs of part numbers and settle on something close. Add or modify any component and receive media ready to pipette.

Specialized Media for Optimized Results

Our portfolio of serum-free specialized media is pre-optimized by Nucleus Biologics' scientists to address specific critical quality attributes important for development.

Cell Culture Media Fuels Scientific Breakthroughs

Cell culture media is more than just another raw material. An optimized cell culture medium can maximize cell performance, bring consistency and reproducibility of results, and drive program success.

Confluency mask graph
CCM-Graph 01
Growth kinetics of custom serum-free media vs. FBS-containing media. This study demonstrates the design of a custom media to completely replace 10% FBS in a fibroblast model. The left panels show confluency at the final timepoint in DMEM + 10% FBS, DMEM only, and Serum-Free (SF) Custom Media. The line graph demonstrates confluency over the course of the entire study for each of these conditions. Serum-free custom media was able to promote proliferation even superior to the FBS-containing media.

Media From Design to Delivery

Design Your Media

Use AI to formulate media in minutes. With NB-AIR, users can select desired CQAs and impact, and receive multiple formulation recommendations from meta-analysis.

Customize Your Media

Effortlessly configure your custom or classical media to your desired specification – from components to testing, grade, and packaging.

Manufacture Your Media

Solubilize optimized, powdered media pods at point-of-use to expedite your development all while reducing your carbon footprint.

Documents and Downloads

Take a closer look at our helpful product information to learn how our cell culture media products and services can support and accelerate your groundbreaking research.

NB-AIR™ Product Note

Learn more about how NB-AIR can help you formulate better-performing media.

NB-Lux™ Product Note

Learn more about NB-Lux and the benefits of customizing your media via this online media configurator.

Krakatoa™ Product Note

Review the technical details, features, and benefits of the Krakatoa media maker.

Need Help?

Get in touch with our customer support team for any questions you may have.

Formulation Services

Get expert help in developing or optimizing your media.

Design Your Media With NB-AIR™

Use our self-guided media designer to create a formulation in minutes.