NB-KUL™ 10 Cryopreservation Media

NB-KUL 10 is a high-performing cryopreservation media formula that is customizable to meet your process needs. Configure components, concentrations, packaging, and quality.

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The NB-KUL™ Advantage

Start with our pre-optimized cryomedia formula or use it as a base to adjust to your process needs in terms of DMSO levels, packaging configurations, quality, and overall composition.
Proven Performance

Tested for the preservation of T cells, NK cells, MSCs, and HEK-293 cells, NB-KUL 10 delivers equivalent or superior performance to industry-leading cryopreservation media.

Transparent Process
Know every component and concentration and adjust any aspect to match your stage of development, making iteration and scale-up seamless.

Custom Cryopreservation Media to Support Your Research and Commercial Goals

There are many cryomedia options on the market today. However, formulations and packaging are locked and do not provide developers with the opportunity for customization, making it difficult to seamlessly incorporate their media into your process. NB-KUL 10 is an innovative, high-performing, and customizable cryopreservation formula that can be used as a base for further customization, while also offering convenience and cost advantages.

NB-ROC OH vs OP vs NP graph

Maintains Viability in T Cells

NB-KUL 10 maintains cell viability at equivalent levels as CryoStor® CS10 after a freeze-thaw cycle. Cell recovery and post-thaw cell proliferation (assessed but not shown) are also comparable. Data shown represents 3 donors in a G-Rex® model.
NB-KUL cryopreservation media performance on NK cell expansion

Supports NK Cell Cryopreservation

NK cell proliferation kinetics from day 0 to day 10 post-thaw of cells cryopreserved in NB KUL 10 and CryoStor® CS10 demonstrate equivalent results. NB-KUL 10 also supports equivalent recovery and viability of NK cells post-thaw when compared to CryoStor® CS10 (assessed but not shown). Data shown represents an average of 3 donors ±SD in a G-Rex® model.
NB-ROC Graph 03

Significantly Improves Cell Recovery in HEK-293 Cells

Adherent HEK-293 cell recovery and viability (assessed but not shown) are significantly better post-thaw in NB-KUL 10 compared to CryoStor® CS10. Additionally, adherent HEK-293 cells cryopreserved in NB-KUL 10 have similar cell viability and proliferation kinetics (assessed but not shown) post-thaw as those stored in CryoStor® CS10. (n=14)
NB-KUL cryopreservation media performance on NK cell expansion

Maintains Cell Recovery for MSCs

Cryopreservation of MSCs in NB-KUL 10 vs CryoStor® CS10 shows equivalent cell recovery and viability (assessed but not shown) post-thaw. Cell proliferation (assessed but not shown) post-thaw is also comparable. (n=3)

NB-KUL™ Cryopreservation Media

NB-KUL cryomedia bottle

NB-KUL™ 10

100 mL


RUO sample. NB-KUL 10 is a 10% DMSO-containing cryopreservation medium. For research use only.

NB-KUL cryomedia bottle

NB-KUL™ 10

Volume: Custom

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NB-KUL 10 is a 10% DMSO-containing cryopreservation medium.

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Specifications below are for the RUO sample. For your custom product, specifications will meet your critical quality attributes which include the packaging, testing, components, and concentrations that you desire.
Type Cryopreservation medium
Classification Xeno-free, serum-free
Quality RUO
Sterility Sterile filtered through a 0.2 micron filter
Format Liquid
Volume 100 mL
DMSO Level 10%
pH 6 to 8
Shipping Conditions 2-8°C
Storage Temperature 2-8°C
Research Category T cell research, stem cell research, HEK-293 cell research, NK cell research

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NB-KUL™ 10 Product Note
View more details about NB-KUL 10, the customizable high-performing cyropreservation media formula.

NB-KUL™ 10 Cryopreservation Media Performance White Paper

See how NB-KUL 10 performs compared to CryoStor® CS10 Freeze Media.

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What is cryopreservation media?
Cryopreservation is the process of preserving cells, tissues, organs, or other biological materials at very low temperatures, suspending all biological activities and metabolic processes while avoiding damage caused by the formation of ice crystals during freezing. To achieve this, a cryopreservation media is needed. Cryopreservation media is a freeze media that consists of cryoprotective agents such as glycerol, dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), and propanediol in combination with salts, sugars, amino acids, proteins, and other compounds to maintain proper pH and osmotic balance.
How can I request a sample of NB-KUL™?
Contact our sales team to request a sample of the base formula for available NB-KUL products.
How can I customize and/or order NB-KUL™?

Contact our sales team. After reviewing your project needs, they can coordinate a meeting with our scientific experts to customize and optimize your cryomedia or arrange for shipment of your order.

Why can’t I order or customize NB-KUL™ in NB-Lux™?

NB-KUL is a proprietary pre-optimized cryopreservation medium formula. Due to the nature of not being an off-the-shelf product, customers must schedule a meeting with our sales team to order or customize an NB-KUL product.

What cell types has NB-KUL™ been tested for?

Currently, NB-KUL has been tested for the preservation of T cells, NK cells, MSCs, and HEK-293 cells. NB-KUL delivers equivalent or superior performance to industry-leading cryopreservation media.

How much does NB-KUL™ cost?

Due to the custom nature of NB-KUL – customization of components, concentrations, packaging, testing, and quality – pricing is variable. Contact our sales team to request a quote.