Cell Culture Supplements and Reagents

High-quality supplements and reagents play a crucial role in the success of cell-based experimentation. Our portfolio of products can support your development goals and optimize your cell performance.

Custom Buffer 500 ML

Solutions to support cell growth and performance

Premium Quality

Supplements and reagents are manufactured following a robust quality management system and are rigorously quality controlled to ensure lot-to-lot consistency.

Optimize Performance

Designed with development of immune and stem cell therapies in mind, streamline downstream processing while optimizing function.

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Physiologix XF SR 100ml

Physiologix™ XF SR

Physiologix is a GMP, xeno-free serum replacement made for stem cells and T cells. By incorporating Physiologix in your research, expect improved transduction efficiency, cytotoxicity, and yield.

Vitronectin XF-Current View

Vitronectin XF™

Vitronectin XF is a defined, xeno-free recombinant extracellular matrix (ECM) that promotes growth, maintains pluripotency, and supports normal colony morphology for MSCs and iPSCs.

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Specialized Media

Improve cell performance with pre-optimized cell culture media.

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