Physiologix™ XF SR

Physiologix human growth factor concentrate is a cGMP, xeno-free media supplement for stem cells and T cells that replaces FBS or human serum in media formulations.

Physiologix XF SR

The Physiologix™ Advantage

Streamline Regulatory Compliance

GMP and completely xeno-free, Physiologix can simplify your transition from development to commercialization.

Proven Serum Replacement

Drive desirable CQAs at superior or equivalent levels to FBS and human serum in both T cells and stem cells.

Consistent Quality

Proprietary manufacturing process and rigorous quality control yield documented consistency across lots.

Take Your Cells Farther

Replacing serum with xeno-free, GMP Physiologix brings consistent quality, increases cell performance, and streamlines regulatory to your cell culture research.


Enhances Transduction Efficiency

Physiologix promotes viral entry and enhances lentiviral-mediated gene expression. As shown, media supplemented with 2% Physiologix (OP) demonstrate significantly enhanced transduction efficiency measured as % expression of red fluorescent protein (RFP) (compared to 5% human serum (OH)), resulting in a greater proportion of transfected cells and, in turn, a higher potency final product at lower manufacturing costs. Data shown represents 3 donors using Optimizer™ media in a G-Rex® model.


Greater Efficacy With More CAR+ Cells

Physiologix can improve the therapeutic potential and in-vivo efficacy of CAR T-cell therapy by promoting a more potent antitumor response. In data published by UPenn and Nucleus Biologics, anti-GD2 CAR-T cells expanded in OpTmizer™ + 2% Physiologix (OP) demonstrated significantly superior tumor killing in an in-vivo solid tumor neuroblastoma model when compared to CAR-T cells grown in OpTmizer + 5% human serum (OH). Data shows quantification of tumor burden in total flux (photons/second) by bioluminescence imaging on days 15 (3×10⁶ CAR-T cell dose) and 19 (0.75×10⁶ CAR-T cell dose).

Maintain cell health and desired characteristics

Maintains Cell Health and Desirable Characteristics

Physiologix maintains cell health, viability, and desired phenotypes equivalent to human serum. Media supplemented with 2% Physiologix (OP) in a 7-day analysis in a G-Rex® model demonstrated strong proliferation and population doubling (data not shown) when compared to media + 5% human serum (OH). Additionally, desired naïve and central memory phenotypes are preferentially maintained as with human serum. Data shown represents average of 3 donors ±SD using Optimizer™ media.

Applicability in stem cell models

Applicability in Stem Cell Models

Physiologix can support proliferation in other cell models such as mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). DMEM/F-12 media supplemented with Physiologix (PX) have increased cell proliferation rates at earlier time points (compared to FBS) resulting in shortened protocols, which could reduce labor and consumable costs, lower energy consumption, and accelerate therapy delivery without affecting the quality of the cells.

Physiologix™ Human Growth Factor Concentrate

Phx Small-Current View

Physiologix™ XF SR

Catalog number: 320
10 mL


Phx-Current View

Physiologix™ XF SR

Catalog number: 322
100 mL



Classification Xeno-free, serum-free
Source Transfusion-grade human material
Infectious Disease Screening Not detected
Quality cGMP
Sterility Sterile
Endotoxin ≤ 0.25 EU/mL
Mycoplasma Negative
pH 6 to 8
Shipping Conditions Dry ice
Storage Temperature -70°C
Shelf Life 365 days
Research Category T cell research, stem cell research

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Physiologix™ Product Note

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Sample Certificate of Analysis

Review a sample of our standard certificate of analysis (COA).

Instructions for Use

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Physiologix Performance on MSCs White Paper

Explore how to improve stem cell growth, expansion, and viability with Physiologix.

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What is Physiologix™ XF SR?

Physiologix is a GMP, xeno-free media supplement made for stem cells and T cells that replaces fetal bovine serum (FBS) or human serum in cell culture media. Our serum replacement is extracted from transfusion-grade blood products.

What type of cells were grown using Physiologix™?

Physiologix has been used to grow a variety of immune and stem cells including HEK cells, mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), T cells, and PBMCs.

Can Physiologix™ be delivered in bags?
Physiologix can be customized as a service. Please contact us or reach out directly to your local Technical Sales Specialist to inquire about pricing and availability.
What is the shelf life of Physiologix™?

We recommend that media be supplemented with Physiologix at point of use to guarantee the highest efficacy. We do not recommend using media that has been supplemented with Physiologix after 30 days of storage.

Physiologix, as a standalone, is stable for 365 days when stored frozen at ≤–70°C.

Is a Drug Master File (DMF) available for Physiologix™?

When requested, Nucleus Biologics can provide an extensive technical data packet. A traditional DMF is not available at this time.