Design Optimized Formulas in Minutes

Take control of your media formulations with NB-AIR. AI-driven algorithms canvas PubMed to identify components and automatically design formulations based on selected critical quality attributes.


Pick your cell type and critical quality attributes (CQAs).


Pick media and components recommended for you based on your selections.


View recommended formulae and save your favorites to NB-Lux.


Create the Best Media for Your Cell Type

Cloud Based and Easy to Use

Online AI-based platform with an intuitive interface to easily and instantly facilitate the design of your optimized formulation.

Simplify Formulation Process

Your personal formulation scientist. Leveraging a novel neural network, NB-AIR simplifies the complex process of media design.

Accelerate Formulation Design

In mere minutes, canvas thousands of publications to identify component-level information to create or refine formulations.

Enhance Cell Performance

Tailor media to your cell type and CQAs to accentuate beneficial characteristics that promote desired outcomes.

Test and Iterate Your Formula

Receive multiple custom formulation recommendations based on your cell type and CQAs and quickly test your media.

Own Your Media Formulation

By creating your formulation in NB-AIR, you own the IP, which can be a benefit during downstream development.

How It Works

Take your media to the next level with the power of a click. Optimize your media by simply choosing your cell type and the critical quality attributes unique to your research.


Pick Your Cell Type and Critical Quality Attributes (CQA)

Choose your target cell type. Next, select and rank the CQAs that are most important for your experiment and choose the desired impact for each: decrease, maintain, or increase.


Pick Media and Components Recommended for You Based on Your Selections

Based on your cell type and CQAs, select from the recommended basal media and then supplement your media with your desired components. Links to publications are displayed for your review.


View Recommended Formulae and Save Your Favorites to NB-Lux™

NB-AIR will suggest formulations based on your choices. Select and name the formulations you wish to save. Selected formulations are stored in NB-Lux where you can further customize and order.

Documents and Downloads

Take a closer look at our helpful product information to learn how our cell culture media products and services can support and accelerate your groundbreaking research.

NB-AIR™ Product Note

Learn more about how NB-AIR can help you formulate better-performing media.


Have a question? We’re here to help. If you don’t see your question, visit our FAQs page or contact us.
What is NB-AIR™?

NB-AIR is an AI-enabled online platform that helps users design custom cell culture media. NB-AIR can scour thousands of peer-reviewed publications and generate data on how different components can affect selected critical quality attributes (CQAs) and recommend formulations that meet your needs. NB-AIR can expedite the formulation process and allow for accelerated testing of multiple pilot batches. Save your media and easily order on NB-Lux.

How do I register for an NB-AIR™ account?

NB-AIR accounts can be purchased online when registering for a free NB-Lux account. To get started, visit NB-Lux and click “Log in or Sign up” on the top right corner of the page. Next, click “Sign up” and complete the basic information to set up your account.

We appreciate any specifics about your role and research interests so we can tailor your experience. After inputting your information, tick the box “Sign up for NB-AIR” and then complete your registration by clicking “Sign Up”. A Technical Sales Specialist will follow up to discuss any applicable package option and to process payment for your NB-AIR subscription.

If you already have your free NB-Lux account and want to purchase NB-AIR, contact us to be connected to your Technical Sales Specialist and they will get you registered.

How much does NB-AIR™ cost?
For industry, an NB-AIR subscription costs $5,000 per year per user. For academic institutions, the subscription cost per user is $950 per year. Package options are available based on how many user accounts are purchased. Contact us to inquire about the different package options.
How does NB-AIR™ interface with NB-Lux™?

NB-AIR and NB-Lux are digital platforms that are integral parts of our complete ecosystem to help you accelerate your research. When designing your media in NB-AIR, your formula will be uploaded to NB-Lux where you can further configure your media, including volume, testing, components and concentrations, and packaging.

How are components scored?
Component scores for critical quality attributes (CQA) are based on the quantity of research available for each CQA, how often the paper has been cited by other peer-reviewed journals, as well as the age of the paper.
Do you offer live demonstrations?
We are happy to! Contact us to schedule a live online or in-person demonstration.