Buffer and Balanced Salt Solutions

Critical in a varied set of applications from electrophoresis and chromatography to ELISA and cell culture, customized buffer and balanced salt solutions can improve efficiency and maximize yields in basic cell culture research and downstream processing.

Support Cell Growth and Drive Performance

Premium Quality

Media is manufactured under GMP conditions and governed by strict adherence to an ISO 13485:2016-certified quality system. 

Fully Customizable

Easily customize any aspect of buffer or balanced salt solutions, from pH levels and components, to testing and packaging configurations.

Scalable Solution

Design and order custom solutions in volumes from 2 to 2,000L, or iterate even faster with 500 mL Krakatoa pods, right on your benchtop.

Customizing Your Buffer or Balanced Salt Is as Easy as One, Two, Three

Buffer and balanced salt solutions are critical components for cell culture. Our unique approach allows you to simply and infinitely customize your solution and easily order.


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Select from the available solutions and customize to meet your requirements, including pH, formula, testing, and packaging.


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Balanced salt solution-Current View

Balanced Salt Solutions

A balanced salt solution is a combination of inorganic salts that aid in protecting cells from pH fluctuations while maintaining optimal osmotic pressure. Common balanced salt solutions include DPBS, HBSS, PBS, and EBSS.

Buffer solution-Current View

Buffer Solutions

Buffer solutions are comprised of chemicals to regulate pH, preventing shifts in acidity and osmotic pressure in your cell culture media or during cell growth. Common buffers include HEPES, MOPS, TRIS, and Sodium Bicarbonate.


Pick Your Solution

Pick your solution

  • Balanced salts: DPBS, HBSS, PBS, EBSS
  • Buffers: Tricine, Sodium Bicarbonate, MOPSO, TAPS, BICINE, MES, MOPS, ACES, HEPES, TRIS HCL, BES, and TRIS Base


Design and order custom solutions in volumes from 2L to 2,000L, or iterate even faster with 500 mL Krakatoa pods, right on your benchtop.



  • Bottle (500 mL, 1L, or other select sizes available upon request)
  • Bag (configure size, fill, ports, and tubing materials)
  • Drum (200L)
  • Krakatoa Pod (biodegradable pod used with Krakatoa)


Orders over 26L are automatically manufactured GMP



Balanced salts: choose specific pH requirements and concentration

Testing Options

Testing Options

Sterility, Endotoxin, Mycoplasma, Osmolality, pH, Conductivity, Density, Bioburden

Functional and stability testing services available; contact us for details

Component Grade

Component Grade

USP, BP, EP, and JP grades available for many components

Component Selection

Component Selection

Modify concentrations and components in the following categories:
Amino Acids and Dipeptides, Nucleotides and Nucleosides, Vitamins, Inorganic Salts, Proteins, Cytokines and Growth Factors, Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Antibiotics

Additional uncategorized components are available under the “Other Components” tab

Custom Components

Custom Components

Request a new component by clicking the “+ Add Custom Component” button and entering the Component Name, CAS Number, Manufacturer, Catalog Number, and Desired Concentration

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What is a buffer solution?

A buffer is a solution consisting of a mixture of an acid and base. Buffer solutions can help cell cultures and liquids resist significant changes in pH levels.

What is a balanced salt solution?

A balanced salt solution is comprised of inorganic salts and serves to maintain pH and osmotic balance. A balanced salt solution is used when preparing complete cell culture medium and to wash or dilute cells.

Can I order concentrated stock balanced salt solutions?

Yes, you can order 10X stock of balanced salt solutions through NB-Lux.

What if I need a fully custom buffer or balanced salt solution or don't see the solution I need listed?

We can accommodate many fully custom requests. Contact us or reach out directly to your Technical Sales Specialist to discuss your custom project.

I already have a custom buffer / balanced salt solution but want to have it manufactured by Nucleus Biologics. Can I enter any solution, even a current formulation I am using, into NB-Lux™?

Yes, any formula can be inputted into NB-Lux and stored in our system. Once your components and concentrations are entered, you can order your buffer or balanced salt solution in your desired configuration and quality.

Are formulas that I input or create stored securely?

Yes. We ensure your data is stored securely with SSL encryption, multi-level authentication, and extensive firewall rules. Additionally, as with all services offered by Nucleus Biologics, your created and inputted formulas remain your intellectual property.