Expert-Guided Formulation Services

Leverage our team of expert cell media scientists to develop, refine, and deliver a complete formula tailor-made to your specifications. A concierge approach to custom media design.


Let Us Formulate Your Success

Proven Expertise

Expert formulation scientists with years of experience in the design of cell culture media for numerous specialized cell types.

Full-Service Development

Rely on our team to develop an optimized formula or refine your current formulation with options to manufacture for scale-up.

Optimized Media

Receive a formulation designed specifically for your cell type that targets your desired attributes, all while remaining your IP.

Complete Media Design and Optimization

Focus on other goals while our qualified scientific team develops your formula and process from start to finish, then delivers a complete medium designed to meet your defined criteria.

Customized Media Solutions From Research to Commercialization

Media Ownership GIF
Media Ownership

You are no longer beholden to large media manufacturers to support your development. With ownership comes the assurance that your media is always produced to consistent specifications.

Built for Scale-up GIF
Built for Scale-up

Proper planning and well-thought-out media design are critical to success. Bypass obstacles as you scale by developing your media with regulatory guidelines and appropriate quality controls in mind.

GMP Manufacturing GIF
GMP Manufacturing

Easily transition from RUO to GMP. Media is manufactured in facilities using GMP guidance and in compliance to ISO 13485:2016 to meet the highest standards for quality, performance, and reliability.

State of the art facilities GIF
State-Of-The-Art Facilities

Our facilities feature state-of-the-art cleanrooms and instruments and have the capacity to manufacture 2.5 million liters of liquid and powder media per year to support the development of your discovery.

Do You Prefer an Automated Formulation Experience?

Formulating custom media can be challenging and time consuming. NB-AIR simplifies the process allowing users to create a formulation by leveraging a novel neural network that suggests multiple formulation recommendations based on desired CQAs.

Documents and Downloads

Take a closer look at our helpful product information to learn how our cell culture media products and services can support and accelerate your groundbreaking research.

Formulation Services Product Note

Learn more about how our scientists can formulate a media that will help you achieve your goals.

Physiologix™ Serum Replacement Performance on T Cells
Download our white paper to learn how Physiologix, Nucleus Biologics’ cutting-edge serum replacement can optimize your T cell culture media.
Cell Culture Solutions to Unlock Your Cell Performance
Download our infographic to learn how Nucleus Biologics’ comprehensive suite of custom cell culture services are designed to expedite your development.
Performance Study of NB-KUL 10 Cryopreservation Media
A Comparative Study of Cryopreservation Media: NB-KUL™ 10, a 10% DMSO- Containing Cryomedia, Delivers Equivalent Outcomes as CryoStor® CS10

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Specialized Media

Improve cell performance with pre-optimized cell culture media.


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What is Formulation Services?
Formulation Services offers researchers the opportunity to focus on other goals while our expert scientists develop and deliver a complete formulation, custom-designed to address all your critical quality attributes (CQAs) specifically for your cell type and desired outcome.
Why use Formulation Services over NB-AIR™ or NB-Lux™?

Our digital platforms provide you with an unprecedented amount of control over your media. Despite the numerous tools available at your disposal, formulating custom media often requires knowledge only obtainable through experience. More than that, we see Formulation Services as a way for companies to increase their capacity by offloading time and resource-intensive tasks such as creating a formula from scratch, iterating, and refining.

How is price determined? How long does a formulation development take?
Pricing and timelines are determined in an advanced, transparent, and detailed scope of work.
Do I need to send my cells to Nucleus Biologics?
For the best results, it is highly recommended to send your own cells to Nucleus Biologics. If necessary, proxy cells can be used in certain conditions.
Does Nucleus Biologics manufacture the media that is formulated?

Nucleus Biologics is a premier manufacturer of custom media and biological solutions and can assist you in small lot or scale-up. We can manufacture liquid media and solutions from 2L up to 2,000L in RUO or GMP quality in our state-of-the-facilities. In addition, we can manufacture powder media, buffers, and balanced salts in pods (500 mL) for use on the Krakatoa media maker. Krakatoa pods are RUO quality.

Products are manufactured under GMP conditions and governed by strict adherence to an ISO 13485:2016-certified quality system.