Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy

The success of a cell or gene therapy is critically dependent on the quality and efficacy of the therapeutic product. Cell culture media is an often overlooked critical raw material that can directly impact the therapeutic potential and success of your therapeutic cells. Learn how to expedite, optimize, and even save money with our unique portfolio of products and services.

Research (cell & gene therapy)

Solutions for Every Stage of Your Development

Including comprehensive services, innovative digital platforms, pre-optimized reagents and media, and cutting-edge instrumentation, our solutions help facilitate a quicker path to commercialization with early optimization, ownership, and the quality necessary to lower regulatory hurdles.

Research and development

Research and Development

Process development

Process Development



Clinical trials and manufacturing scale up

Clinical Trials and Manufacturing Scale-Up

The Nucleus Biologics Advantage for Cell and Gene Therapy

Take control of your media and accelerate your cell and gene therapy program. Our team has the experience and expertise to guide your cell culture media needs and the innovative tools to speed your discovery to cure.

Accelerate Your Research

Speed and flexibility are critical to bring your research to the clinic and, oftentimes, off-the-shelf media can feel like the only viable solution. However, each component in your media can contribute to experimental variability, thus, it is crucial to know each ingredient and concentration in order to optimize your media to best meet your performance goals. Easily customizing your media and owning your formula IP can have significant downstream impacts and make media your competitive advantage.

Iterate for Optimization

Iteration in small volumes reduces cost and waste, and allows for the rapid identification of an optimal formulation before scaling. Quickly search peer-reviewed articles to extract a list of high-value components and their effect on cell performance with NB-AIR. Add, remove, or adjust components through NB-Lux and test variations to find the optimal composition for your application. Or, take a more hands-off approach and let our team of media experts design a formula that meets your specifications from start to finish.

Validate Your Process

Prepare for scale-up by ensuring your process is delivering a consistent and reliable product. Partner with Nucleus Biologics to expedite your path to market, finalize and lock in your optimized formula (your IPs), manufacture your media or solution, and let our GMP services team do your validation and qualification heavy lifting. We can get you steps closer to commercializing your cell and gene therapy product.

Scaling Up

Manufacturing cell and gene therapy products require a reliable supply of often complex raw materials. In this environment, the desire to flex raw material lot sizes to match your dynamic production demands is important. NB-Lux is designed to scale with you. Easily adjust the lot size of your critical raw material as required in order to meet changing manufacturing schedules, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of the raw materials needed to support the complex manufacturing process.


GMP Manufacturing Facility

When you partner with Nucleus Biologics, you can expect premium quality cell culture media products and services. With over 7,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 7 clean rooms operating under ISO 13485:2016-certified quality system, we leverage our scientific expertise with media development and GMP manufacturing to provide validation and development services aimed at delivering a specialized product that meets your stringent requirements.

Documents and Downloads

Become a cell and gene therapy media master. Review our helpful product information to learn how our products and services can accelerate your groundbreaking research.

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Cell Culture Solutions to Unlock Your Cell Performance
Download our infographic to learn how Nucleus Biologics’ comprehensive suite of custom cell culture services are designed to expedite your development.

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