Custom Media to Optimize Your Project

Many cell types require highly-specialized formulations in order to achieve optimal performance. Build a media from scratch that meets your specific requirements, regardless of the complexity.


Make Your Media a Competitive Advantage

Maximize Performance

Easily customize any aspect of media to optimize it for your cell ecosystem, from components to testing and packaging.

GMP Manufacturing

Media is manufactured under GMP conditions and governed by strict adherence to an ISO 13485:2016-certified quality system. 

Transparent Process

No hidden ingredients. Media is designed and owned by you, making iteration and scale-up seamless.

Custom Media Made Simple

The composition of your media can have a profound effect on cell function and efficacy. We make custom media development easy with our ecosystem of products and services for the design, customization, and refinement of your media.

Not Sure How to Begin Designing Your Media?

Design media formulations in minutes using NB-AIR, our AI-based self-guided formulation tool.

Already Know Your Formula, but Want to Customize Further?

Enter your formula in NB-Lux and easily configure any aspect — from components to testing to packaging.

Already Using a Specific Suppliers’ Cell Culture Media?

Search our extensive database of publicly available formulations and tailor them to your desired specifications.

Want End-To-End Expert Guidance?

Our team of experts will develop and deliver a complete formulation that is tailor-made to address all your CQAs.

Manufacture at your bench

Take the Next Step and Bring Sustainability to Your Laboratory

Manufacture cell culture media on your benchtop with Krakatoa. Fresh custom media accelerates development and mitigates any degradation in quality. Additionally, you are reducing your lab’s carbon footprint.

Documents and Downloads

Take a closer look at our helpful product information to learn how our cell culture media products and services can support and accelerate your groundbreaking research.

NB-AIR™ Product Note

Learn more about how NB-AIR can help you formulate better-performing media.

NB-Lux™ Product Note

Learn more about NB-Lux and the benefits of customizing your media via this online media configurator.

Krakatoa™ Product Note

Review the technical details, features, and benefits of the Krakatoa media maker.

Cell Culture Solutions to Unlock Your Cell Performance
Download our infographic to learn how Nucleus Biologics’ comprehensive suite of custom cell culture services are designed to expedite your development.
Performance Study of NB-KUL 10 Cryopreservation Media
A Comparative Study of Cryopreservation Media: NB-KUL™ 10, a 10% DMSO- Containing Cryomedia, Delivers Equivalent Outcomes as CryoStor® CS10

Need Help?

Get in touch with our customer support team for any questions you may have.

Visit NB-Lux™

See all available media products and customize according to your requirements.

Browse Supplements and Reagents

Explore our portfolio of custom buffers, balanced salts, and serum replacement.


Have a question? We’re here to help. If you don’t see your question, visit our FAQs page or contact us.

What is custom cell culture media?
Custom cell culture media is media that is designed and modified to meet your cell model’s unique needs.

In NB-Lux, users have the option to create a media from scratch — without any basal media or components loaded into the configurator. Therefore, you must add each component and select its grade and concentration.

Are there resources to learn how to design and customize media using NB-AIR™ and NB-Lux™?
We have numerous webinars and videos available on our website on how to design and customize media using our easy-to-use cloud-based tools. If you would like to schedule a personal walkthrough of NB-AIR and/or NB-Lux, contact us to schedule a demo with one of our Technical Sales Specialists.

Visit our resources page to access our educational tools to learn more about our tools.

Can I order complete liquid media?

Yes. Select from a list of common proteins or add our serum replacement, Physiologix XF SR, for a ready-to-pipette complete media solution.

What if my component doesn't appear on your components list in NB-Lux™?

Under the “Customize Formula” section, click the “+ Add a Custom Component” button and enter the Component Name, CAS Number, Manufacturer, Catalog Number, and Desired Concentration.

In NB-Lux™, it says you have the largest library of over 400 publicly available formulas to choose from. What does that mean?

Basal media formulations exist in the public domain for anyone to use. In NB-Lux, users have the ability to start from a specific supplier’s formula simply by inputting their catalog number, keyword, or cell type.

Additionally, Nucleus Biologics has specific recommended formulations we use for our classical media.

Do you offer liquid and powder cell culture media?

Cell culture media is available in ready-to-use liquid format. In addition, cell media can be delivered in powder format in biodegradable pods that can be used with the Krakatoa media maker.