Streamline and Manage All Your Cell Culture Media Needs

Simplify the configuration and ordering of cell culture media, buffers, balanced salt solutions, and our pre-optimized off-the-shelf media and reagents with NB-Lux, a free cloud-based portal that facilitates customization, quoting, ordering, and tracking.


Create your free NB-Lux account or log in to customize and order your media product.


Select from media, buffers and balanced salt solutions, or supplements and reagents.


Configure customizable products by confirming packaging, testing, and component options.


Review order details, pricing, and lead times and submit to request a quote or order.


One-Stop-Shop Cell Media Solution

Cloud-Based Media Marketplace

Free online platform built to facilitate easy customization and streamlined ordering of any product.

Fully Customizable at Every Level

Easily customize components, testing, grade, and packaging of your media, buffer, or balanced salt solution.

Expedite Quoting and Ordering

Avoid the complex and time-consuming process of custom media requests. Simply input your media needs in NB-Lux and view estimated pricing and lead times.

Media Ownership

Know every component and concentration. Select grade, testing, and volume to match your stage of development. It’s your IP!

Secure Formula Repository

Securely store your customized formulations on your account where you can also access COAs and other product information.

Streamlined Order Processing and Tracking

Instantaneously review and approve product specifications and keep track of your order status in real time.

How It Works

The only cloud-based portal for cell culture customization and ordering, NB-Lux simplifies and manages all your cell culture media needs in one easy-to-use platform.


Create an Account or Log In

Create a free NB-Lux account or log in to purchase your favorite media, reagents, and supplements. Additionally, save your favorite custom formulas, track your order progress, and easily reorder.


Select From Media, Buffers and Balanced Salt Solutions, or Supplements and Reagents

Select the product you would like to customize and/or purchase. Choose from classical or custom media, specialized media, buffer and balanced salt solutions, or supplements and reagents.


Configure Your Selection

Configure any aspect of your media or solution, such as format, testing, packaging configuration, and the details of your formula from components and concentrations down to the grade of each component.


Review and Order

Review your order details, estimated pricing, and lead times. When finished, either save your formula to your cart, request a quote, or place your order and keep track of its progress. It’s that easy!

Documents and Downloads

Take a closer look at our helpful product information to learn how our cell culture media products and services can support and accelerate your groundbreaking research.

NB-Lux™ Product Note

Learn more about NB-Lux and the benefits of customizing your media via this online media configurator.


Have a question? We’re here to help. If you don’t see your question, visit our FAQs page or contact us.
What is NB-Lux™?

NB-Lux is an online platform used to purchase and customize cell culture media and other critical biological solutions. Configuration options include components, concentrations, and packaging. Save and order your custom formulations, or purchase and modify basal media formulations from popular suppliers.

How do I register for an NB-Lux™ account to purchase and customize products online? Does it cost anything?

NB-Lux is absolutely free. Visit NB-Lux and click “Log in or Sign up” on the top right corner of the page. Next, click “Sign up” and complete the basic information to set up your account. We appreciate any specifics about your role and research interests so we can tailor your experience.

Can I use NB-Lux™ without an account?

Yes, you can build a custom media, buffer, or balanced salt solution in the platform without an account, but you won’t see some important information like estimated price and lead time until you create one.

What happens after I press "Place an Order" in NB-Lux™?

Our team will review your formula’s specifications and confirm stock and lead times. Afterward, one of our Technical Sales Specialists will contact you to confirm the specifications sheet as well as discuss any questions we may have about your formula. Manufacturing of your media will begin upon receipt of payment.

When ordering off-the-shelf products, a Technical Sales Specialist will follow up to confirm your request.

Are formulas that I input or create stored securely?

Yes. We ensure your data is stored securely with SSL encryption, multi-level authentication, and extensive firewall rules. Additionally, as with all services offered by Nucleus Biologics, your created and inputted formulas remain your intellectual property.

Do you offer live demonstrations?
We are happy to! Contact us. to schedule a live online or in-person demonstration.