Optimized Cell Media for Cell-Based Agriculture

Designing, optimizing, and manufacturing cost-effective cell culture media is critical for broad adoption and mass-market penetration of cultivated foods. We offer the expertise to design and deliver optimized, serum-free media.

Optimized Cell Media for Cell-Based Agriculture

Achieve Optimal Outcomes With Custom Cell Culture Media

Optimize Cell Performance

A well-formulated cell culture media can maximize cell growth and improve cell health. Rely on our team to develop an optimized media that can support scale-up in a cost-effective manner.

Proven Expertise

With successful results in creating media from mammalian to crustacean cell culture, collaborate with our formulation experts to develop your serum-free and chemically-defined media.

Built to Scale

Know every component and concentration of your optimized media. Own your formulation and simplify the transition as you scale from bench to plate.

Products and Services to Accelerate Your Research

Successful production of cell-based food requires optimized cell culture media that is food grade, can manage large-scale cell proliferation and differentiation, has acceptable sensory qualities, and is animal ingredient-free. We offer products and services to simplify your media development.


Custom-Designed Media

Optimized cell culture media is a critical component in the development of cultivated foods. Understanding what components are likely or unlikely to be a factor in an optimized media is of utmost importance. Our formulation services experts will develop and deliver a complete formula that will address all your critical quality attributes and function per your defined criteria.

Specialized buffers and balanced salt solutions

Specialized Buffers and Balanced Salt Solutions

Buffer and balanced salt solutions form the basis of defined media formulations. They are commonly used to maintain osmolality and pH in cell applications. Through NB-Lux, easily customize and order your solutions per your specifications to support your process.

Iterate and refine sustainably with Krakatoa

Iterate and Refine Sustainably With Krakatoa™

Research and development is all about testing and iterating to find the optimal media that will maximize results. Krakatoa is a pod-based point-of-use media maker that can accelerate and streamline the fulfillment, testing, and iteration of small-batch custom media, ultimately expediting and simplifying your small-scale process optimization while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 65% per pod.

Documents and Downloads

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NB-Lux™ Product Note

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Krakatoa™ Product Note

Review the technical details, features, and benefits of the Krakatoa media maker.

Formulation Services Product Note

Learn more about our formulation services process to develop and deliver a complete media.

Cell Culture Solutions to Unlock Your Cell Performance
Download our infographic to learn how Nucleus Biologics’ comprehensive suite of custom cell culture services are designed to expedite your development.

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