Specialized Media for Optimized Results

Our portfolio of xeno-free, serum-free specialized media is designed to improve cell performance and facilitate a seamless transition from development to commercialization.

NB ROC T-Cell SF Medium 1L & HEKIma Adherent HEK Cell SF Medium 1L

Media to Take Your Cell Performance Farther

Pre-optimized Performance

High-performing specialty media was designed to improve cell function for cell-based applications.

Premium Quality

Media is manufactured under GMP conditions and governed by strict adherence to an ISO 13485:2016-certified quality system. 

Xeno-Free and Serum-Free

Formulated to standardize your cell culture media and streamline downstream regulatory compliance.

NB-ROC™ T Cell Serum-Free Media

NB-ROC is specially formulated for use with T cells. It significantly boosts transduction efficiency while maintaining proliferation and preserving relevant phenotypes to support the development of CAR-T cell therapies.

NB ROC T-Cell SF Medium 1L
HEKIma Adherent HEK Cell SF Medium 1L

QuickStart Media™

Get a head start on your formulation development with QuickStart Media. Test cell-specific pre-optimized formulations that were developed to be customized to address your critical quality attributes and packaging configurations.

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Don’t See What You Need, Create Your Own Specialized Media

Optimizing a cell culture media for your cell type can improve cell performance and function and increase consistency. Create your own media that meets the specific requirements of your project.


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Build a media formulation in minutes with NB-AIR, or work with our formulation experts to receive a complete media that will address your required attributes.


Customize a Current Formula

Access NB-Lux to tailor any aspect of a media – ingredients, concentrations, packaging configurations, testing, component grade, and more!


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Documents and Downloads

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NB-ROC™ Product Note

View more details about NB-ROC, the serum-free T cell media that improves transudction efficiency.

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