Formulation Services


Design your own custom cell culture media

At Nucleus Biologics we aim to speed the time from discovery to cure. We are the leading provider of cell and gene therapy formulation services. Our focus is on the scientists and our Formulation Services ensure you have the best media for your cells. If you think formulation services may be right for you, please reach out to us by emailing

How do formulation services work?

When you choose to work with us, we will navigate you through a formal process where we cater to your specific needs.

DEFINE: In week 1 you will work closely with us to define the cell types and lines and we will learn what reagents you currently use. We will discuss which assays are of interest and at the end of week 1, we will have a list of Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) in priority order. All boundary conditions and controls are set as well.

TECH TRANSFER: In week 2 we will obtain all current media formulations, protocols, and the cells and ecosystem components.

MEASURE: Week 3 entails running compositional analysis of current media, such as metabolomics and proteomics. We will review the existing literature to find candidates for compounds based on the determined cell type and CQAs.

IDENTIFY: Several candidate media configurations are defined in week 4, in addition to defining the conditions for testing. All test protocols are also established.

EXPERIMENT & ANALYZE: Week 5 and 6 will involve performing cell culture assays that align with the CQAs, such as proliferation and surface marker expression. All analytical testing is performed which can include mass spectrometry and ELISAs.

ANALYZE: Week 7 is for data analysis where we will determine the performance on CQAs.

IMPROVE, REFINE, REITERATE: In weeks 8 – 14, we modify and refine the formulations based on the CQA data obtained in weeks 5 – 7. We iterate on our experiments to optimize your CQAs.

DELIVER: Finally, in the final week, we will deliver 2-3 candidate formulations that are ready for manufacturing. We are here to assist with manufacturing and you have the option to immediately order directly through NB-Lux and receive your media in as little as 9 weeks.

Interested in formulation services?

We would love to hear from you! If you think formulation services may be right for you, please reach out to us by emailing