Formulation Services

Define what’s in your media because single components matter

A well formulated cell culture media can have a multitude of positive impacts including improved cell growth, increased cytotoxicity, and overall cell health/viability which can impact the success of any cell-based project from cell therapy to cell-based agriculture.

Limit variability and improve scalability for downstream activities

Off-the-shelf media options are often proprietary formulations and are not optimized for your cells and ecosystem.  As a result, adjustment and refinement of cell culture media is necessary to achieve optimal outcomes, however this can be time consuming and is fraught with supply chain risk as scale-up and scale-out occurs at later stages of development.

Designed specifically for your cell type and CQA – and you own it!

The journey to a custom, complete cell-culture media that can improve the potency and yield of your cells begins with inputs that define the desired Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) and your cell type. Using these inputs, research is performed to identify components and working concentration ranges that impact your cells in the desired fashion to help you achieve those CQAs. The sheer amount of research publicly available requires a high level of expertise and experience to identify modifications that can improve your cell cultures.

We have the experience and tools necessary to formulate media that will help you achieve your goals. With our formulation tools:

  • You own the formula
  • Your IP
  • Easily customize and iterate
  • Full transparency
  • Know every component and concentration
  • cGMP quality
  • Scalable solutions
  • Bench to bioreactor design
  • Prepare for downstream scale-up and scale-out
  • Consistency in every batch
  • 1 vendor to qualify
  • 1 process to validate

Nucleus Biologics has two formulation options to fit your project needs.

Automated Formulation via NB-AIR™

Canvas thousands of publications instantly and get suggestions on formulations that address your CQAs

You control testing and iteration
Fast, efficient

Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, our automated formulation platform can suggest formulations to improve your experiments in minutes as previously demonstrated. Your formulations can be customized for packaging, volume and testing in NB-Lux™. After screening, you can scale to meet your needs or customize your formula further for a second round of testing.

Guided Wet-Lab Formulation Services

Focus on other goals while our scientists develop and deliver a complete formula custom designed to address all of your CQAs

Guided service
Ready to manufacture and perform to specifications

Our scientists have decades of cell culture experience and can develop your formula and process from start to finish. We will manage the progress of the studies and deliver a formula that will function per your defined criteria.

Why is custom-formulated, cell culture media the best solution to ensure successful cell therapy development?

View our infographic to learn why: