Islet Culturing Solutions

A cGMP, complete media ecosystem for enhanced in vitro functionality of human pancreatic islets.

Developed in collaboration with leading cell therapy research centers using the Nucleus Biologics™ data-driven approach to media development.

zIslet™ XF

zIslet Factor Supplement (zIF™)

A cGMP, ​xeno-free replacement for serum and ​human serum albumin (HSA) used with CMRL for culturing human pancreatic islets.

Developed in collaboration with Gregory L. Szot from the Islet Production Core at the University of California, San Francisco, zIF™ is an albumin or serum replacement that, when used with CMRL media, has demonstrated both superior islet insulin response to a glucose challenge and preservation across multiple cadaver donor islet preparations compared to human serum albumin (HSA).

CMRL Media, cGMP Grade

Suspension and 1066 CIT and Supplemented cGMP Islet Media

A line of cGMP, ​xeno-free media for culturing human pancreatic islets.

Developed in collaboration with Dr. Elina Linetsky from the cGMP Advanced Cell and Biologic Products Manufacturing Facility, Diabetes Research Institute, University of Miami, Nucleus Biologics™ offers a line of CMRL manufactured under cGMP for culturing human pancreatic islets. The modified cGMP CMRL formulations were developed at University of Miami in preparation for clinical trials at the Clinical Islet Transplant Consortium (CIT). In support of transparency to streamline the development of novel cell therapies, all products are supplied with the ingredient list.


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zIslet™ XF – Improved Human Islet Function and Survival

Authors:  Gregory L. Szot, Sreenivasan Paruthiyil, Vi Dang, Vinh Nguyen, Peter G. Stock, Andrew M. Posselt

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Beta cell replacement of allogeneic islets for type 1 diabetes is an accepted, minimally invasive, process. However, stress due to islet processing and culture can reduce functional success. Conventional islet culture media, CRML-1066 plus 0.2% human serum albumin (HSA), is minimally effective at reducing islet stress or supporting islet recovery and function. In this study, we test a cGMP human islet factor supplement, zIslet Factor (zIF™) (Catalog No. 10233), in both in vitro islet function and survival assays under the stressor of time. Our preliminary data demonstrates zIF supplemented media improved islet Glucose Stimulated Insulin Secretion (GSIS) after 7 and 14 days of culture while stabilizing islet viability and islet loss.