We are honored to be featured in an interview with Bioinformant!


Disrupting the Cell Therapy Market: Nucleus Biologics Brings Transparency, Customization & Control

In recent years, the cell culture company Nucleus Biologics has been at the forefront of market disruption. In this interview with David Sheehan (CEO), we explore how the company has been growing its team, expanding its production capabilities, launching new products, and impressively, rolling out the world’s first online portal for instantaneous custom cGMP cell culture media configuration.

The pace never slows when your mission is to enable lifesaving science!

Cade: Tell us what Nucleus Biologics has been up to since the last time we spoke in 2018?

David Sheehan: First Cade, thank you for checking in on us.  I would remiss if I didn’t highlight Bioinformant’s growth in readership and vital contribution as an information source for cell and gene therapy. Thank you.

It has been an amazing two years. We continue driving reproducibility by innovating new products supported with good science.

A few highlights:

First, the team has grown dramatically and we have added some industry heavyweights in key areas.