Do you need a scientific crash course in CAR T cell therapy? The Nucleus Team has curated three great scientific reviews written by leaders in the field of CAR T cells so you can stay up-to-date on mechanisms of action, first and second generation CARs, and challenges in CAR design.

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Scientific CAR T cell therapy resources

1. CAR T cell immunotherapy for human cancer | Science Magazine

This review will cover the challenges CAR T cell immunotherapies have faced in the past and will give an outlook for the future. What opportunities are there in CAR T cell therapy? What will be the challenges facing those entering a mainstream CAR T oncology field?

2. Frontiers in Medicine: Chimeric Antigen Receptor Therapy | The New England Journal of Medicine

This review focuses on the results and toxic effects of current CAR T cell therapies while addressing the principles of the field and the engineering of these targeted immune cells for therapeutic applications. Expect to get a full perspective of the current challenges that face the immunooncology field and what science needs to address to mitigate risk to patients and gain FDA approval of other CAR therapies in the future.

3. CD19 CAR T Cells [Kymriah vs Yescarta] | Cell Press

A brief look at the two FDA approved therapies, Kymriah® and YescartaTM, including particular indications they are approved for, their origins, the molecular and cellular targets and their target effects. This review also serves as a visual guide on the background of CAR T cell production, a timeline of the field, clinical trials and CAR targets being investigated.

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