The ability to have a Super User Company Account will allow you to manage all of your cell culture media formulations in one place and grant access to cross-functional team members to only the information they need to do their job.

Every order for one company will be in one place and employees can review information in their colleagues’ orders such as pricing, package configuration, or formulation, with access levels granted by the Super User. This ensures reordering will be smooth and create transparency in NB-LuxTM for a company.

Currently, it is most efficient for the Super User to register for their account first and then add Sub Users. If the Sub User already has an account, please contact us at to get someone added as a Sub User to a Super User account. If you already have an account and would like to be a Super User, please also contact us.


Registering as a Super User

Step 1: On the signup page, choose company account

Step 2: Enter company name

Step 3: Enter Super User details

Step 4: Click on ‘Accept Terms & Conditions’

Step 5: Click on ‘Sign up’

Verify your email address and log into your account

Now you are ready to add Sub Users! Do this by clicking the Users tab and then clicking +Add Sub User.

Once a Super User has added Sub Users, the Sub User must register. A Sub User will receive an email invitation to set up their account.

Once a Sub User has an account, they should fill out their profile.

When ready, Sub Users will place accounts through their profile. The order will be on behalf of the Company/Super User.

At any point and for various reasons you may need to remove a Sub User, to do this find the user in the Users tab and click ‘Remove User’. You will need to click to confirm. In a future release you will be able to pause a Sub User instead of removing them all together.

As a Super User, you will be able to see all orders and details made by your Sub Users. From here you can also order the product that one of your Sub Users ordered.

We always welcome feedback! If you have any issues or would like to see a feature added please reach out to us at