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Nucleus Biologics Announces Growth, Expansion to New Office

San Diego-based cell culture products supplier announces new, larger headquarters as sales of its Australian origin, fully traceable and characterized fetal bovine serum continues to climb

SAN DIEGO – June 27, 2017 – Nucleus Biologics, a premium cell culture products supplier to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, is announcing it has recently moved to a new 10,511 square foot office space at 10929 Technology Place in San Diego, California. The company is consolidating multiple locations and lab space, within a single building, to support its growth for the next several years.

Nucleus Biologics Global Headquarters, located off Interstate 15, will have a contemporary office, a modern research laboratory, production space and numerous other amenities, enabling Nucleus Biologics to advance its mission of providing the highest quality cell culture solutions to feed scientific breakthrough.

The new Nucleus Biologics lab will serve as a lab of excellence, incorporating the latest technology and allowing the company to benchmark and quality test its media supplements against a variety of cell lines and conditions. A Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) tissue culture (TC) room includes biological safety cabinets for cell culture, as well as cryo-storage of cell lines for the company and its customers.

With two outdoor patios, a full kitchen and multiple collaboration areas, the company has already planned to schedule numerous educational and networking events at the new location, and will make co-working space available to existing customers and others in the scientific community.

Nucleus Biologics launched its premium Australia origin, fully characterized and traceable FBS a few months ago, and the product is already being used by biotech companies and institutes in San Diego and across the country. The company anticipates growth and expects to double its staff by the end of next year.

FBS is a critical media supplement used to sustain cells in vitro. The product has broad applicability from cell-based research to cell therapies bioproduction. Reproducibility has become a major issue in many cell-based systems and the lack of traceability, consistency and characterization with some companies’ FBS has become a confounding variable for scientists.

The company will also be launching a xeno-free media supplement this year. This product, based on preliminary testing, can perform better than FBS and many serum-free configurations and contains no animal components. For scientists and companies looking to take their product through regulatory scrutiny this is extremely valuable. “We are excited about our new facility as a natural step in the continued growth of Nucleus Biologics,” said the company’s Chief Executive Officer David Sheehan. “The new space is emblematic of our culture of transparency, quality in everything we do, competing intensely and celebrating and empowering each other. We have designed this facility to share with our customers as we continue to innovate products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations and accelerate science.”

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