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Nucleus Biologics Joins Cell Manufacturing Research Initiative

SAN DIEGO – SEPTEMBER 20, 2018 – Nucleus Biologics is pleased to announce it has joined the new NSF Engineering Research Center for Cell Manufacturing Technologies, known as CMaT. The center, launched in 2017 with a $20 million investment from the National Science Foundation, is a consortium of universities, companies and clinical partners brought together to develop transformative tools and technologies for the consistent, scalable and low-cost production of high-quality living therapeutic cells. Such cells, which are being developed by research and clinical institutions worldwide, could be used in a broad range of life-saving medical therapies.

“At Nucleus Biologics, we are leading the movement to Precision Cell Culture,” says David Sheehan, President & CEO of Nucleus Biologics. “With an estimated $28 Billion lost a year on irreproducible research, there is a pressing need for more scalable solutions. We believe that supply chain innovations to support product traceability, consistency, and characterization will enable better quality science and faster development of cell therapies. The mission of Nucleus Biologics aligns with that of CMaT, and our Physiologix™ Xeno-Free serum replacement has proven effective in their three focus systems of T cells, MSCs, and iPSCs. We are excited to work together on the future of cellular medicine.”

To facilitate the widespread application of these cutting-edge emerging treatments, CMaT will develop robust and scalable technologies, innovative analytical tools, and engineering systems that will enable industry and clinical facilities to reproducibly manufacture efficient, safe and affordable cell-therapy products. The center will also develop improved models for a robust supply chain, storage and distribution system for these therapeutic cell products. The center also has a comprehensive workforce initiative to educate and train a skilled and diverse biomanufacturing workforce.

“We are pleased to welcome Nucleus Biologics to this new initiative,” said Krishnendu Roy, director of CMaT and the Robert A. Milton chair professor in the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory University. “The center will develop the technologies needed to use living cells in standardized therapies by clinicians to serve large numbers of patients worldwide. We are very excited about what this will mean to the world.”

Beyond Georgia Tech, the center includes major university partners – the University of Georgia, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus – as well as affiliate partners such as the University of Pennsylvania, Emory University, the Gladstone Institutes and Michigan Technological University. Additional international academic partners, as well as industry and the U.S. national laboratories, will also be critical collaborators in the effort.

Nucleus Biologics is leading the movement to precision cell culture products for scientists in academia, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies. The company supports scientific reproducibility by commercializing innovative products using a traceable and cGMP supply chain.

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