Top 6 Resources for Staying Up-To-Date In Cell Therapy

16 Oct 2018
Top 6 Resources for Staying Up-To-Date In Cell Therapy

The world of biotech and pharma has been evolving for years but the cell and gene therapy space, in particular, is on a hot streak. New technologies, FDA approvals and company IPOs seem to pop up overnight. It seems almost impossible to keep up! Our job at Nucleus Biologics is to understand the market and the issues facing our industry, so it’s imperative that we stay informed. We strive to be a resource for all biotech professionals by sharing knowledge and tools to help keep us all in sync.

Our job at Nucleus Biologics is to understand the market and the issues facing our industry, so it’s imperative that we stay informed.

The first set of resources can help anyone in the industry, whether they are a scientist or a commercialization professional, stay current on the biotech world. The second set of resources is more pertinent to those specifically in the cell therapy space who are interested in immunotherapy, stem cells and CAR-T cells.

In this article you will find:

  • Resources for Biotech & Pharma News
  • Resources for Cell Therapy News
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Top Resources for Biotech News:

Fierce Biotech

1. Fierce Biotech

FierceBiotech has a wide range of information to provide ‘end to end coverage of biotech and medtech.’ They track very small companies as well as the large pharma giants and post stories throughout the day on what is happening in the world ranging from IPOs, regulatory approvals, new clinical trial data and M&As. Reading this blog is a must, particularly if you are on the business side of biotech/pharma.



Exome is a subset of the larger Xconomy website. It’s a fantastic place to stay current on life sciences companies and technologies. They cover a wide variety of topics from cancer and immunotherapy to rare disease. One of the differentiators of this website is their separation of content by locale. They categorize articles based on location such as San Francisco, San Diego or Boston which makes it incredibly easy to stay up-to-date on what is happening in your local biotech environment as well as other markets of interest. They also have a great Xconomist Forum made up of the ‘leading technologists, scientist and business innovators’ who share their views and insights on the industry. These influencer lists are also categorized by location which is a great resource for increasing your engagement in the community.


3. GEN

GEN is the most science-focused of the three websites. While they have many articles on commercial activities of different companies in the industry, most of the topics include a more scientific twist. Their content includes research highlights from academia and industry R&D as well as regulatory approvals. They have a plethora of Top lists which allows readers to quickly peruse topics such as Top 10 Takerover Targets to Watch This Fall or Top 50 NIH-Funded Institutions of 2018.

Top Resources for Cell Therapy News:

BioInformant - Stem Cell News

4. BioInformant – Stem Cell News

If you are looking for a place to start learning about the cell therapy industry, BioInformant is the place is go. BioInformant is the ‘World’s Largest Stem Cell Industry Blog’. They release daily content on anything and everything related to the stem cell and cell therapy industry, encompassing the cord blood banking side through to genetically engineering immunotherapies. They separate out their content by topics including stem cells, exosomes, cell therapy and cord blood. Their articles are easy to read and as their name implies, very informative. Their list posts (e.g.Top 4 Most Richly Funded Exosome Startups or Your Ultimate Guide to Cell and Gene Therapy Conferences (2018-2019)) are particularly helpful for understanding the industry.

Cell Culture Dish

5. Cell Culture Dish

The Cell Culture Dish website is made for professionals who want to learn more about process development and manufacturing. They categorize their content into topics like upstream and downstream bioprocessing, cell therapy, gene therapy, vaccines and drug discovery. It’s a great place to learn about new techniques and products that can help solve the issues you are facing in the lab. Cell Culture Dish also provides access to experts in the field through Expert Sessions and Podcasts on a range of topics from mesenchymal stem cell manufacturing to automated drug screening.

Cell & Gene

6. Cell & Gene

Cell & Gene is a great resource if you’d like to learn more about the commercialization and regulatory landscape of cell therapy. Articles on this website cover lesser understood topics such as logistics, supply chain, clinical trial design and regulatory hurdles. It is a particularly good resource for those in early stage cell therapy companies who do not have existing infrastructure or processes and are in need of guidance.

With so many resources at your fingertips, sometimes it can be hard to figure out where to start. Hopefully this list makes your life a little easier. For more information, please visit the Nucleus Biologics Resources Page

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Alyssa Master, Ph.D.
Dr. Alyssa Master is the VP of Sales Enablement and Customer Experience at Nucleus Biologics. She is a subject matter expert on cell culture media solutions, primarily on the development of custom cell culture media. Dr. Master has ten years of laboratory research experience, including five years as a lab manager prior to joining Nucleus Biologics. As a biomaterials engineer, her area of expertise is in the field of nanoparticle-mediated drug delivery, particularly for the delivery of cancer therapeutics. During her numerous fellowships, Dr. Master developed a novel targeted drug delivery platform for intravenous delivery of photodynamic therapy agents. Dr. Master earned her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.