Get a Head Start With QuickStart Media™

Building an optimized media is complex and time-consuming. Get a head start in your formulation development with pre-optimized samples and expedite your discoveries.
Custom Buffer 500 ML

Portfolio of Customizable Formulations to Accelerate Media Development

Customizable Media
From packaging to components, test our RUO samples then adjust them to fit your process.
Performance and Quality
Media formulations have been optimized for performance and can be delivered per your requirements as RUO or GMP quality.
Own Your Media
Gain ownership, transparency, and control of your media formulations with multiple licensing options.

How QuickStart Media™ Works

We have developed a repository of pre-optimized formulations that can be ordered as RUO samples and tested in your process. After testing, tell us what customizations and packaging you require. This service will help streamline the formulation development process of in-demand media products and truly expedite your cell therapy projects.


Order RUO Sample
Complete our request form to order an RUO sample of the desired formulation.


Test RUO Sample
Test the performance of the medium on your project and review the data.


Customize Your Media
Collaborate with our Sales and Formulation Services teams to tailor the media specifications to your needs.
Physiologix XF SR 100ml

NB-KUL™ 10 Cryomedia

NB-KUL 10 is a DMSO-containing serum-free and xeno-free cryopreservation media formulation that offers customization of components, packaging, and quality. NB-KUL 10 is tested for the preservation of T cells, NK cells, MSCs, and HEK-293 cells.


HEKima™ Adherent HEK Cell Serum-Free Media

HEKima is a serum-free media developed to ensure improved cell proliferation, transduction efficiency, and virus production in adherent HEK cells, resulting in reduced vector manufacturing costs.

Documents and Downloads

Take a closer look at our helpful product information to learn how our cell culture media products and services can support and accelerate your groundbreaking research.

NB-KUL™ 10 Product Note
View more details about NB-KUL 10, the customizable high-performing cyropreservation media formula.

NB-KUL™ 10 Cryopreservation Media Performance White Paper

See how NB-KUL 10 performs compared to CryoStor® CS10 Freeze Media.

Need Help?

Get in touch with our customer support team for any questions you may have.

Optimize Performance

Supplement your media with Physiologix, a GMP and xeno-free serum replacement.

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