A Novel Media Supplementation Strategy for Improved T Cell Culture and Preservation of Naivety

30 Sep 2018

The rise of CAR-T cell therapies has led to the need for advances in cell culture media to meet the varying demands of cell therapy production (consistency, optimal phenotype, etc.). Valuable resources are spent optimizing media formulations (e.g., serum free or chemically defined) that are often prohibitively expensive or yield suboptimal growth or function. There are challenges with current serum options. FBS is not a viable option for translational cell work. Human AB serum suffers from lack of consistency or availability. Cell therapy manufacturers need reagents that allow for them to proliferate and sustain life saving cells in a safe and effective manner.

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Asma Ayari, Ph.D.
Dr. Asma Ayari is the Director of Research and Development at Nucleus Biologics. Dr. Ayari has a deep understanding of how complex cellular systems are affected by small changes in the chemical composition of the microenvironment and has extensive experience in media analysis, testing, and formulation for cell and gene therapy. She is a subject matter expert on cell culture media solutions, primarily focusing on media formulation design and development. Dr. Ayari holds a M.S. in Microbiology from University of Tunis and a Ph.D. in Virology, Immunology, and Metabolism from Universite de Lille in France.