Core Biogenesis and Nucleus Biologics Announce Strategic Collaboration for Manufacturing and Distribution of Cost Effective and Sustainable Recombinant Proteins

10 Jan 2024

San Diego, CA, January 10, 2024 – In a joint effort to provide lower cost and more defined reagents and media to the cell and gene therapy market, Nucleus Biologics, The Cell Performance Company™, a leading provider of custom cell culture media solutions for the cell and gene therapy industry, has signed a manufacturing, distribution, and collaboration agreement with Core Biogenesis, an innovator in the field of recombinant human proteins expressed in plants. This agreement makes Nucleus Biologics the GMP manufacturer for Core Biogenesis’ recombinant proteins and a distributor for the cell and gene therapy market. In addition, Nucleus Biologics, along with their sister company Stoic Bio, will make these recombinant proteins available for their Krakatoa™ pod-based media manufacturing systems.  

Nucleus Biologics’ disruptive approach to cell culture media, driving transparency through cloud-based tools that allow therapy developers to own their formulation, is anchored by published scientific studies that demonstrate that individual media components can improve cell and gene therapy efficacy. This transparency and individual ownership combined with the paradigm-shifting availability of sustainable, cost-effective GMP human proteins offered by Core Biogenesis’ innovative plant expression system are what make this agreement so powerful for cell and gene therapy developers. 

“We are pleased to enter into this agreement with Nucleus Biologics as they share our vision that we must shift the cost structure for recombinant proteins and give therapy developers multiple sourcing options, as well as offer a sustainable alternative to conventional recombinant protein production,” said Alexandre Reeber, Chief Executive Officer at Core Biogenesis. “This agreement will allow us to not only partner with an innovator in the cell culture media field but make our entire portfolio of proteins GMP.”

“We are proud to partner with the team at Core Biogenesis,” said David Sheehan, CEO of both Nucleus Biologics and Stoic Bio. “This recombinant protein platform will transform the cost structure for media and give therapy developers a GMP option that is easy to develop and scale. This is one step in our cost roadmap to lower the cost of these therapies and increase patient access.”

The agreement also positions Core Biogenesis’ environmentally friendly protein portfolio to be utilized in Krakatoa, an innovative family of point-of-use media makers that allow scientists to manufacture their media inside their laboratory or in the bioreactor suite. The cell culture media, solubilized in Krakatoa systems, results in 65% less CO2 emissions than conventional media. Nucleus Biologics and Core Biogenesis are poised to demonstrate that developing and manufacturing lifesaving therapies doesn’t have to come with a heavy environmental cost. The first offering, GMP FGF-2 STAB will be available in Q2, but RUO samples for testing and feasibility can be purchased within the next few weeks.  

With an estimated 2,200 cell and gene therapies in development, the industry needs collaborations to speed these candidates into the clinic and ultimately to approved drugs. The Core Biogenesis and Nucleus Biologics collaboration will create a truly unique service offering that will introduce a paradigm shift in development and manufacturing to the entire industry. This partnership will serve as an example of how technology and sustainability can converge to make better therapies sustainably and cost-effectively.   

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About Nucleus Biologics
Nucleus Biologics, The Cell Performance Company, is the leading provider of custom cell-growth media, tools, and technologies for cell and gene therapy. Their mission is to speed the time from scientific discovery to cure by delivering innovative, transparent, and cGMP products and services with the goal of disrupting the market and eliminating antiquated practices and products. Ultimately, Nucleus Biologics strives to create a new paradigm that serves both scientists and clinicians while reducing the environmental footprint of cell culture. 

About Core Biogenesis
Core Biogenesis is building the future of recombinant protein manufacturing with its ultra-scalable and sustainable plant-based bioproduction platform. By developing the building blocks to produce any recombinant protein with its platform in a repeatable, scalable, and sustainable way, Core Biogenesis enables the delivery of cost-effective sustainable recombinant proteins for biopharmaceutical and research applications. Core Biogenesis’ first products are growth factors, cytokines, and other recombinant proteins used in Cell Culture and Bioprocessing.

About Stoic Bio
Stoic Bio, a spinoff of Nucleus Biologics, is a life sciences technology company that is focused on innovating how cell culture media is being delivered to the marketplace. Through our patented systems, we are transforming media manufacturing market to point of use using powder and pods ensuring higher quality media with a reduced environmental footprint.


Nucleus Biologics Media Contact:
Brad Taylor, Ph.D.
Vice President of Marketing
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Brad N. Taylor, Ph.D.
Dr. Brad Taylor has 17 years of experience commercializing products for scientists in both academia and industry before joining Nucleus Biologics. Most recently, Dr. Taylor was the Director of Global Marketing at HemaCare, supporting the needs of the cellular therapy industry. Prior to HemaCare, Dr. Taylor spent 11 years at PerkinElmer supporting in vivo imaging platforms and has held leadership roles in technical support, product management, and marketing. Dr. Taylor holds a M.S. in Microbiology and Immunology from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Friedrich-Alexander University in Germany.