Physiologix™ XF SR


A cGMP, xeno-free media supplement made for stem cells and T cells that replaces FBS or human serum.

$99 / 10 mL (Part Number: 320)
$990 / 100 mL (Part Number: 322)

See the latest research! We, along with our collaborators at the University of Pennsylvania, were recently published in the journal Molecular Therapy – Methods & Clinical Development. Physiologix demonstrated superior solid tumor cytotoxicity compared to cells grown in human serum. Read the full article here

Physiologix XF SR

Many “serum-free” supplements and complete media don’t disclose their origin or contents.

Our serum replacement is extracted from transfusion-grade blood products and comes with a full certificate of analysis.


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Organoid Culture Enables New Frontiers in Therapeutic Research

Organoid Culture Enables New Frontiers in Therapeutic Research

The emergence of organ-specific 3D tissue culture technology is a scientific breakthrough that promises a new era of disease research and discovery. Organoids are complex, 3-dimensional collections of cells grown in culture to mimic the organization of human organs....

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Improved T Cell Proliferation and Transduction Efficiency Ex Vivo for CAR-T therapy in a Xeno- and Serum-Free Medium.

NB-ROC T Cell Poster

Authors: Asma Ayari, Francisco J Martinez-Becerra, Yinan Tu, Yinan Lu, and Roddy O’Connor 

Efforts need to be made to improve and develop a completely defined and xeno-free cell culture medium. Accordingly, components of animal origin used in the culture of T cells should be replaced with relevant protein sources and concentrations. Using a combination of metabolomics and process optimization, Nucleus Biologics has identified a new formulation named NB-ROC.

In this study, we tested NB-ROC on T cells isolated from the blood of three donors using standard protocols. Our data show that NB-ROC allowed cells to grow in higher numbers compared to OpTmizer™ (Fisher Scientific). This increase in proliferation did not compromise early memory phenotypes. Additionally, transduction using a GFP lentivirus was ~40% higher when cells were grown and activated in NB-ROC, which results in optimization of virus usage and reduction of manufacturing costs.

CAR-T Media Development: Novel Formulations Focused on Improved Transduction Efficiency and Preservation of Relevant T Cell Subpopulations

Physiologix™ Poster

Authors: Saba Ghassemi, David Heo, Francisco J. Martinez-Becerra, John Leferovich , Sarah Richman, Alyssa M. Master, and Roddy S. O’Connor

Adoptive immunotherapy involves patient T cell expansion in optimal conditions for the purpose of re-infusing their progeny as therapy. This calls for the generation and characterization of novel media supplements and formulations to boost the progress of the cell therapy market by providing physiologically relevant protein sources in concentrations suitable for biological activity. Physiologix™ XF Human Growth Factor Concentrate is a cGMP, xeno-free serum replacement that replaces supplements such as fetal bovine serum or human serum. Review this poster to view the study results of optimizing T cell media with Physisologix.

Our three product pillars to address your Xeno-Free needs


Streamlined Regulatory Compliance

  • Completely Xeno-Free
  • Processed under cGMP conditions
  • Transfusion-grade raw material



media cost


Lower Media Costs with Superior Yield

  • Superior proliferation in both T cells and stem cells
  • Lower acquisition cost and cost per target cell count



Consistent and

  • 2% recommended concentration in basal media (FBS requires 10%)
  • Documented consistency across lots