Physiologix XF SR

PhysiologixTM XF SR

Human Growth Factor Concentrate

A cGMP, xeno-free media supplement made for stem cells and T cells that replaces FBS or human serum.

PhysiologixTM XF SR

Many "serum-free" supplements and complete media don't disclose their origin or contents.

Our serum replacement is extracted from transfusion-grade blood products and comes with a full certificate of analysis.

Physiologix XF SR Supplemented @ 2%
Step 1
PhysiologixTM XF SR
Supplemented @ 2%
Preferred Basal Media (e.g. RPMI 1640)
Step 2
Preferred Basal Media
(e.g. X-VIVO 15)
Cell Culture w/ Superior Proliferation
Step 3
Cell Culture w/
Superior Proliferation

International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference '18 Poster

International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference 2018 Poster

The rise of CAR-T cell therapies has led to the need for advances in cell culture media to meet the varying demands of cell therapy production. Cell therapy manufacturers need reagents that allow for them to proliferate and sustain life saving cells in a safe and effective manner.

Authors: Roddy S. O'Connor, Saba Ghassemi, Dina Schneider, Lisa Karimi-Naser and Alyssa Master

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Our three product pillars to address your Xeno-Free needs

Streamlined Regulatory Compliance - cGMP

Streamlined Regulatory Compliance

  • Completely Xeno-Free
  • Processed under cGMP conditions
  • Transfusion-grade raw material
Lower Media Costs with Superior Yield

Lower Media Costs with Superior Yield

  • Superior proliferation in both T cells and stem cells
  • Lower acquisition cost and cost per target cell count
Consistent and

Consistent and

  • 2% recommended concentration in basal media (FBS requires 10%)
  • Documented consistency across lots