Physiologix XF SR

PhysiologixTM XF SR

Human Growth Factor Concentrate

A cGMP, xeno-free media supplement made for stem cells and T cells that replaces FBS or human serum.

PhysiologixTM XF SR

Many "serum-free" supplements and complete media don't disclose their origin or contents.

Our serum replacement is extracted from transfusion-grade blood products and comes with a full certificate of analysis.

Physiologix XF SR Supplemented @ 2%
Step 1
PhysiologixTM XF SR
Supplemented @ 2%
Preferred Basal Media (e.g. RPMI 1640)
Step 2
Preferred Basal Media
(e.g. X-VIVO 15)
Cell Culture w/ Superior Proliferation
Step 3
Cell Culture w/
Superior Proliferation

World Stem Cell Summit 2019 Poster

International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference 2018 Poster

Looking to optimize your CAR T manufacturing? The rise of CAR-T cell therapies has led to the need for advances in cell culture media such as serum replacements to meet the varying demands of cell therapy production.

Authors: Roddy S. O’Connor, Saba Ghassemi, David Heo, Francisco J. Martinez-Becerra and Alyssa Master

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Our three product pillars to address your Xeno-Free needs

Streamlined Regulatory Compliance - cGMP

Streamlined Regulatory Compliance

  • Completely Xeno-Free
  • Processed under cGMP conditions
  • Transfusion-grade raw material
Lower Media Costs with Superior Yield

Lower Media Costs with Superior Yield

  • Superior proliferation in both T cells and stem cells
  • Lower acquisition cost and cost per target cell count
Consistent and

Consistent and

  • 2% recommended concentration in basal media (FBS requires 10%)
  • Documented consistency across lots