Physiologix™ Serum Replacement Performance on Mesenchymal Stem Cells

13 Sep 2023

Mesenchymal Stem Cells Used as a Model Cell Line for Evaluating the Effects of Physiologix™ Xeno-Free Serum Replacement Media Supplementation on Critical Quality Attributes


Physiologix serum replacement has been proven to increase cell proliferation rates, yield, and pluripotency when compared to FBS. Replacing animal- or human-derived serum can result in shortened protocols, which could reduce labor and consumable costs, lower energy consumption, and accelerate therapy delivery without affecting the quality of the cells.

In this white paper, we review a comprehensive study designed to compare the performance of Physiologix with FBS on MSC growth, expansion, and viability.


Primary endpoints for the study were defined as:

  • Time required for cultures to reach 80% confluence.
  • Comparison of Physiologix performance at two different concentration levels.
  • Expression of CD90 as a marker of pluripotency.

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