Physiologix™ Serum Replacement Performance on T Cells

6 Oct 2023

Download our white paper to learn how Physiologix, Nucleus Biologics’ cutting-edge serum replacement can optimize your T cell culture media.


Cell therapy development requires consistent, xeno-free starting materials that can maximize cell performance while seamlessly transition from development to commercialization – a complex task. Avoid regulatory hurdles and optimize your development with our consistent, GMP, xeno-free serum alternative – Physiologix. Physiologix can drive desirable critical quality attributes such as transduction efficiency at superior levels to FBS and human serum.

In this white paper, we review a comprehensive study designed to compare the performance of Physiologix to human serum as a supplement for T cell growth, expansion, viability, and transduction efficiency.

See the data for yourself!
• T cell viability and proliferation data
• CD25 and PD-1 marker expression data
• CD4/CD8 distribution data
• T cell lentiviral transduction efficiency data

Download Our White Paper