Islet Cell Research & Transplant Centers in the US

16 Jul 2019
Islet Cell Research & Transplant Centers

Islet cell transplantation is an experimental treatment for Type 1 diabetes. Islet cells are responsible for producing and secreting insulin. Without proper islet cell function, a patient becomes dependent on insulin injections. To alleviate this dependency, islet cell transplantation involves the isolation and transplantation of healthy islet cells from a donor pancreas into a recipient. Due to the research stage and novelty of this approach, it is not available everywhere. Here is a list of the islet cell research & transplant centers in the US.

Islet Cell Transplant Center Map

The West Coast

1. University of California, San Fransisco

Location: San Francisco, CA
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 University of California San Francisco Islet Transplant Center

2. City of Hope

Location: Duarte, CA
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 City of Hope Islet Transplant Center

The Midwest

3. University of Nebraska

Location: Omaha, NE
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University of Nebraska Medicine Islet Cell Transplant

4. University of Minnesota

Location: Minneapolis, MN
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University of Minnesota Allo-islet Transplantation

5. University of Wisconsin

Location: Madison, WI
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University of Wisconsin Health Islet Cell Transplant Process

6. University of Illinois, Chicago

Location: Chicago, IL
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University of Illinois Health Pancreas Transplant

7. Northwestern University

Location: Chicago, IL
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Northwestern Medicine, What is Pancreas and Islet Cell Transplantation?

8. University of Chicago

Location: Chicago, IL
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University of Chicago Medicine, Pancreas and Islet Transplant

9. Ohio State University

Location: Columbus, OH
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The Ohio State University Islet Cell Transplantation

The South

10. University of Louisville

Location: Louisville, KY
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University of Louisville Islet Transplant Program, Department of Surgery

11. Emory Transplant Center

Location: Atlanta, GA
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Emory Islet Transplant Program, Emory Healthcare Transplant Center

12. Baylor, Scott & White Health 

Location: Dallas, TX
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Baylor Scott and White Health, Islet Cell Transplant

13. Medical University of South Carolina

Location: Charleston, SC
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Medical University of South Carolina, Digestive Disease Center, Islet Cell Transplant Surgery

14. University of Miami

Location: Coral Gables, FL
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University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Welcome to Cellular Transplantation

The Northeast

15. University of Pennsylvania

Location: Philadelphia, PA
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Penn Medicine, Total Pancreatectomy with Islet Auto-Transplantation for Treatment of Refractory Pancreatitis, Clinical Program for Diabetes

16. University of Pittsburgh

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
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University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Transplant Services

17. University of Virginia

Location: Charlottesville, VA
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University of Virginia Health System, Islet Cell Transplant

18. Virginia Commonwealth University 

Location: Richmond, VA
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Virginia Commonwealth University Health, Hume-Lee Transplant Center, Pancreatic Islet Cell Transplantation

19. Georgetown University

Location: Washington, DC
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Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, Medstar Georgetown Transplant Institute, Autologous Islet Cell Transplant

20. Columbia University 

Location: New York, NY
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Columbia University Surgery, The Pancreas Center, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention of Pancreatic Conditions, AUtologous Islet Cell Transplantation after total Pancreatectomy

21. Massachusetts General Hospital

Location: Boston, MA
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Massachusetts General Hospital Transplant Center, Pancreas/Islet Transplant Program

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