Top Ten Blog Posts of 2022

20 Dec 2022

In celebration of the holidays, we take a look back at some of the most exciting events and achievements of the year…and a look forward to what the New Year will bring.

Science enthusiasts everywhere, your attention please! Today we thank the hardworking team at Nucleus Biologics by highlighting the science behind the ten most noteworthy blogs of 2022. Let the countdown begin!

10. Cytiva and Nucleus Biologics Join Forces

January brought the announcement that Nucleus Biologics and Cytiva, a global life sciences leader, had joined forces to bring AI-powered culture media design to the Cell and Gene Therapy industry. Both companies are focused on accelerating the development of innovative cell and gene therapies. Their combined initiative provides customers with access to state-of-the-art cell culture media in a way that eliminates lag time between customized culture media formulation and its therapeutic applications.

9. Green Your Lab Today Using these 5 Methods

Tips on how to “green” your lab are always a winner, since they are almost always money savers as well as ways to protect our environment. Whether a research lab is at the beginning of its sustainability journey or heavily invested in resource-saving strategies, these practical tips will provide access to programs and technologies that will help you become part of the solution!

8. Successful Strategies for Scaling Cell Therapies

Scalability is a buzzword in the pharmaceutical industry for a reason — drug product manufacturing scale up to prepare for commercialization is one of the most important, and potentially risky, inflection points in the life cycle of a product. Nucleus Biologics has their clients’ backs with integrated formulation, ordering, and customizable cell culture media manufacturing that is easily scaled from small lots to commercial scale production.

7. Physiologix: Media Composition that Optimizes Cellular Performance

Media composition matters! Reading this blog will help you (and your research team) learn more about PhysiologixTM — our cGMP, xeno-free media supplement. Physiologix delivers optimal cellular performance while helping to mitigate the risk of variability that comes with raw material sourcing.

6. Nucleus Biologics Wants Your CAR T Cells to Rock!

Nucleus Biologics recently launched NB-ROC™, a serum free media specially formulated by T cell researchers. NB-ROC significantly improves CAR T transduction efficiency, and promises to be a game changer for CAR T cell therapy development.

Studies show that the unique formulation of NB-ROC T cell media results in a higher percentage of CAR positive cells than currently available T cell media, at a reduced cost, and while maintaining all other quality attributes.

5. Krakatoa Platform Blends Strategy with Sustainability

Speaking of Krakatoa, the opportunity to produce fresh custom cell culture media on site sparked the imagination of many of our readers. The cell and gene therapy industry holds enormous potential to deliver life-saving treatments. However, it also suffers from sustainability issues. Nucleus Biologics aims to address those issues by delivering fresh, custom-made cell culture media in a way that is environmentally sustainable and significantly reduces life-cycle cost and environmental impact.

4. Development of a Cell Therapy to Restore Vision aided by Vitronectin XF™

Delivery of life-changing treatments to patients is what cell therapy is all about. This blog reports the results of a study designed to treat age-related macular degeneration, a progressive disease that can rob patients of their sight. Cell therapies are being developed to halt or reverse disease progression, but the limited availability of human retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells has slowed research. The use of Vitronectin XF, a xeno-free extracellular growth matrix, results in more rapid, efficient, and consistent differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into RPE cells.

3. Nucleus Biologics Earns ISO Certification

One of the truly rewarding moments this year came with the notification that Nucleus Biologics had officially earned ISO 13485:2016 certification for the manufacture and distribution of media for the cell and gene therapy industry.

ISO certification is a rigorous process that can represent years of hard work and dedication. For customers it represents stringent quality oversight and a minimized risk of faulty products or uneven product performance. For companies, ISO certification represents an opportunity to expand into a wider market since many customers see this certification as a requirement, especially for products in late-stage development.

2. Nucleus Biologics Celebrates Opening of Newly Expanded Facility

Cutting the ceremonial ribbon on the company’s newly expanded GMP-compliant culture media manufacturing facility was a huge highlight this year. Expansion of GMP services is central to Nucleus Biologics’ mission. The addition of several new state-of-the-art clean rooms and powder-dispensing suites, as well as a brand new 2,000L liquid media tank, will significantly increase production capacity.

1. Krakatoa Media Maker: Save Money, Save the Planet

Our number one blog post this year featured details on the launch of Krakatoa, the point-of-use cell culture media maker manufactured by our sister company, Stoic Bio, and distributed by Nucleus Biologics. Krakatoa is part of a paradigm shifting strategy that seeks to do nothing less than “Save the Planet” with its extraordinary capacity to change the way the pharmaceutical industry manufactures cell culture media.  Please click on the link below to learn more!

We hope you have enjoyed this look back at this year’s highlights. 2023 promises to be a very exciting year, as our newly expanded GMP facility becomes fully operational, significantly expanding the company’s cell culture media production and processing capabilities. Please visit our website for more information about our products and services, and from all of us here at Nucleus Biologics, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

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Brad N. Taylor, Ph.D.
Dr. Brad Taylor has 17 years of experience commercializing products for scientists in both academia and industry before joining Nucleus Biologics. Most recently, Dr. Taylor was the Director of Global Marketing at HemaCare, supporting the needs of the cellular therapy industry. Prior to HemaCare, Dr. Taylor spent 11 years at PerkinElmer supporting in vivo imaging platforms and has held leadership roles in technical support, product management, and marketing. Dr. Taylor holds a M.S. in Microbiology and Immunology from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Friedrich-Alexander University in Germany.