Nucleus Biologics Announces Krakatoa™, Aiming to Reinvent the Cell Culture Media Industry

28 Feb 2022

Krakatoa’s point of use media manufacturing reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 65% per unit of media produced.

(San Diego, CA – February 28, 2022) Nucleus Biologics, The Cell Performance Company™, is proud to announce the launch of Krakatoa™, an innovative, first-to-market media maker that will allow researchers to manufacture cell culture media at point of use. Moving media manufacturing to the benchtop addresses sustainability and improves media quality, convenience, and scalability. Announced during the Lake Nona Impact Forum on Friday, February 25th, Krakatoa is available for preorder and will be on display at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting in April in New Orleans.

Changing the Media Paradigm

Large volumes of single-use plastics are incinerated as biohazardous waste or wind up in landfills because of common and repeated use in laboratory settings. PET bottles with media are a significant portion of that waste. Furthermore, the environmental impact of shipping solubilized media globally, driven primarily by the weight of water, is staggering. Krakatoa revolutionizes the way cell culture media is delivered to laboratories. The media maker utilizes biodegradable media pods to solubilize 500 mL quantities of sterile media at point of use.

Directly appealing to companies and researchers, Krakatoa:

  • Reduces total greenhouse gas emissions by 65% per 500 mL of media produced compared to conventional media.
  • Provides users with media solubilized at the point of use avoiding degradation of critical components that may impact quality of the media.
  • Reduces the time to delivery of custom media and lowers the total delivered cost as media is shipped in lightweight, handheld pods vs bottles or containers.
  • Scales from bench to bioreactor, allowing users to easily test, optimize, and reorder their media to streamline process development.

Krakatoa is the first in a family of products by Stoic Bio, a spinoff of Nucleus Biologics. Nucleus Biologics is an authorized distributor of Stoic Bio products. Both companies will work collaboratively to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to the cell culture industry.

“The carbon emissions of the pharmaceutical industry are significantly worse than the automotive industry. As we continue to make exciting progress across various markets like cell and gene therapy and synthetic meats, the use of liquid cell culture media will exponentially grow,” said David Sheehan, Founder and CEO of Nucleus Biologics and Stoic Bio. “The launch of Krakatoa is a paradigm shift and will revolutionize the cell culture media market by providing scientists with not only a fresher, tailored cell culture media, but an environmentally sustainable option – it is time to cure people + planet.”

Reinventing Cell Culture Media from Design to Delivery

Stoic Bio’s Krakatoa compliments Nucleus Biologics’ portfolio of innovative, technology-driven products and services and reinforces its mission of speeding the time from discovery to cure. Now, customers can formulate custom media through our AI-based media formulation platform (NB-AIR™), configure and order media through NB-Lux™, and manufacture media on-site ultimately accelerating the process to bring scientific breakthroughs to market in an environmentally friendly manner.

Krakatoa will be available for purchase in the United States in the coming months and globally in the second half of the year. To preorder or learn more about Krakatoa, visit our website.

Watch the video below for a quick introduction.


About Nucleus Biologics

Nucleus Biologics, The Cell Performance Company, is the leading provider of custom cell-growth media, tools, and technologies for cell and gene therapy. Their mission is to speed the time from scientific discovery to cure by delivering innovative, transparent and cGMP products and services with the goal of disrupting the market and eliminating antiquated practices and products. Ultimately, Nucleus Biologics strives to create a new paradigm that serves both scientists and clinicians, while reducing the environmental footprint of cell culture.

About Stoic Bio

Stoic Bio, a spinoff of Nucleus Biologics, is a life sciences technology company that is focused on innovating how cell culture media is being delivered to the marketplace. Through our patented systems, we are transforming media manufacturing market to point of use using powder and pods ensuring higher quality media with a reduced environmental footprint.

Media Contact:
Brad Taylor, Ph.D.
Vice President, Marketing
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Brad N. Taylor, Ph.D.
Dr. Brad Taylor has 17 years of experience commercializing products for scientists in both academia and industry before joining Nucleus Biologics. Most recently, Dr. Taylor was the Director of Global Marketing at HemaCare, supporting the needs of the cellular therapy industry. Prior to HemaCare, Dr. Taylor spent 11 years at PerkinElmer supporting in vivo imaging platforms and has held leadership roles in technical support, product management, and marketing. Dr. Taylor holds a M.S. in Microbiology and Immunology from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Friedrich-Alexander University in Germany.